Creative Exposure

This is my submission for Scott Thomas Photography’s Assignment 7: Creative Exposure.

My niece did a high jump for me. I used a fast shutter speed to capture and freeze motion quickly. I still don’t feel comfortable using the manual mode on my DSLR, so I used the sports mode to capture this image. The sports mode has a low aperture, from what I read and learned, the lower the number the more open which means more light is getting to my sensor.  The sports mode in my camera is extremely fast, it is perfect to freeze motion but the faster the shutter, the less light is getting in and to compensate for this, the aperture open more.

The next three photos were taken with a close-up mode.  The speed is not as fast as the sports mode, but the aperture is about the same.  The low aperture here also means more open for the light to get into the sensor.  The macro mode also creates a nice bokeh effect as well.

Please read Flutter-By Butterfly Habitat post to see more photos and video that I took.


    • Thanks Kathy. I was hoping to turn in the Dragon Boat Race photo for the assignment, but they didn’t come out as good as I had hoped. I’m glad that the butterfly exhibit opened this weekend, perfect timing. 🙂

    • Hi seeharhed, I still use the same lens, it’s the EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM. As for the quality of the image, I have to give credit to the Canon T2i, 18.0 Mega Pixels makes a huge difference from my Canon TXi (10.1 MP). It also does the videos that you see here.

      • oh!!! I see.. you got yourself a new camera? I must say… it is so tempting for me to upgrade but I have no needs to. But, it is nice to have the latest and greatest:-).

        • seeharhed, new toy. 🙂

          I want to be able to do video and achieve the same quality as my image. I’m very happy with the outcome. 🙂

  1. Nye, well done! You understood why things where happening which is something a lot of people miss when using the pre-set modes. BTW, since you are using a dSLR, you can get a little more control by using the shutter and aperture priority modes. I rarely use Manual mode myself.

    Your daughter’s missing teeth make her smile that much more charming, too.

    • Thanks Scott, I find myself manually focus more and more to get a sharper image, or blur out certain section, I feel that I’ve more control of what’s inside the frame now than I did before. I still have a lot to learn about my camera.

      The little girl is my niece, she is very proud of her missing front teeth. 🙂

  2. Today was deadline and I was supposed to shoot them today, but I had a call from my brother asking me to get home because he wasn’t going to be home and someone needed to be home for some people to come pick up veggies from my mom. Darn!

  3. oooh, I just checked, deadline is tomorrow, I may just have the time to do it! I’ll do my best to make it possible. I’ll be out shooting exterior and interior of a church for my final assignment so we’ll see if I can make time tomorrow! I’ll make myself a mental note that I have tomorrow as well so maybe I can spare a few minute to take a photo.

  4. Beautiful photos Nye! Love the shot of your niece with her necklace and hair frozen midair! You can definitely see the movement. 🙂 And what a smile!

    • kanniduba, thanks. My niece is very photogenic, she’s always ready for me to take her photo. 🙂

  5. The picture of your niece is darling. I love the detail of the necklace – it really adds to the shot. Beautiful sharp focus on the butterflies.

  6. Lovely pictures. That photo of your niece is very nice, there is so much joy, motion and smile here. My children does not like me to take pictures of them 😦 – but I might try again now: My son loves to jump in his trampoline…..

    • truels, thanks. My niece loves to be in picture. My daughter is the same way as your children, she doesn’t like for me to take her picture and her cheese smile is too cheesy sometimes. But once in a while I would get a good picture of her, I need to try harder and work with her on this.

    • Thanks Gerry, I was nervous about this assignment since I knew so little about photography. I’m glad my photos have been received well. 🙂

  7. Hi Nye – I love the framing on the photo of your niece. The choice of keeping the subject off center seems to add to the sense of motion. And the colors on the butterfly shots, as well as the composition, are quite beautiful!

    • Hi Jennifer, thanks. I took a few shots before getting this one, photographing something in motion is a lot harder than I think. The butterfly exhibit opened in good timing, I can’t imagine having to chase a butterfly in my yard. 🙂

  8. I love this action shot. And your little model makes me want to smile too.

    I don’t know much about photography, but I do know these are beautiful photos.

    If this was Ebay, I would say A++++! 😀

    • Thanks Cambree, I know very little about photography also and joining this assignment has forced me to learn more and it’s actually good for me. The only way to be good at photography is to practice and lots of practice.

  9. […] Nye on her Creative Exposure post used a couple of preset modes on her camera.  The first was the Sports mode to freeze the action of her running niece.  The second was the Close Up mode to photograph colorful butterflies.  Nye did not just use these modes, she learned about them and what they did.  She is one step closer to taking more control of her future photographs as the Sports mode is really Shutter Priority set to a fast shutter speed and Close Up is Aperture Priority set to a small aperture number to create selective focus on the butterflies and a soft, pleasing background referred to as bokeh. […]

  10. I’m a little late stopping by, but I love the shot of your niece – pure joy. Your butterflies are amazing and perfectly in focus. Wow!

    • Hi Deanna, thanks for your nice comment and stopping by. My niece loves to have her picture taken. 🙂

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