My Dad’s Garden May 16, 2010

Mimi is my second sister’s parakeet. His previous owner was a Chinese boy by the name of Jeffrey, so Mimi can speak Chinese some.  Jeffrey’s mom gave Mimi to my sister over 15 years ago, so I’m thinking that Mimi might be around 19 years old, this picture was taken last year.  I learned some of the Chinese’s phrases from Mimi, such as ‘Nee Haw Ma’ means how are you?, ‘Haw’ means fine, ‘Jow Sarn’ means good morning, so I often talk to him when I visit my dad and sister. But today Mimi is not very happy, he was yelling at me in the video, obviously he didn’t like it that I didn’t talk to him like normal.

My second sister’s flowers, they look like silk fabric.

My dad’s garden is doing very well.  Closest are string beans, then pickle cucumbers, then rows of Asian corns.

Pickle cucumbers, there are some small white one also.

I see one cucumber already.

String beans.


Kaffir Lime tree


Pomegranate tree, lots of flowers this year.

His banana trees aren’t doing too well this year, some didn’t survive the cold winter months.  These were kept in the garage and replanted about a month ago.


  1. I was told to never point at a baby cucumber or it’ll die and rot and that bush will not have many fruits/veggies. BTW, cucumbers, would you consider them as a fruit or a veggie?

    Your dad’s garden is looking great. I took some picture of my parents garden on mothers day when I went to see them, I will try to remember to post them up sometimes this week.

    • mozemoua, the fruits have seeds, and cucumbers have seeds, so that makes them a fruit. As for radishes, carrots, they don’t have seed so they are a vegetable. I think the seed and flower is the key.

      I would love to see your parent’s garden. My dad buys green mustard from the Hmong farmers that sell their crops at the flea market. I’ve never heard about pointing to the young cucumber and jinks it before, too late for that one, I pointed with my camera. 🙂

      • LOL Nye, I dont think pointing with a camera will hurt the cucumber, you know we Hmong people come up with the weirdest myths and stories ever. But I guess that makes us who we are.

        Okay that makes sense, I could never determine what is a fruit and what is a veggie when it comes down to those type of fruits.

        The photo of my parents farm is up on my blog, I didn’t do a good job so I don’t have a lot of images and I was a bit too lazy to walk farther into their farm.

        • mozemoua, you’re the strangest photographer I met, forget to bring your camera to event, and lazy to walk, lol.

          Thanks for posting your parents’ farm, my dad’s garden looks so tiny comparing to it.

    • Thanks lady0fdarkness, camera angles can do wonder. Also, my second sister is working more in the garden now. 🙂

  2. Tell your father it’s looking really good out there. Thank goodness for rain in these couple of days. I’m sure it’s really shooting up out there.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • PaNoy, my second sister is helping also, thank goodness because I thought I have to weed before shooting the video. 🙂

  3. I love the clematis (purple flowers). They are some of my favorite flowers. I’ve been wanting to blog about them. So I may have to barrow some of your pretty photos. I especially like the small delicate clematis found in Japan too.

    It’s also neat to see your dad’s garden is already producing tiny cucumbers. I can see why your dad did so well raising 8 daughters, as he is great with growing flowers and plants too. 🙂

    • Cambree, you’re welcome to use my photos and thanks for the name, my sister and I didn’t know what it’s called, Clematis is a very pretty name.

      I think my dad is a very nurturing person, he is great with plants and back in Laos, he used to raise orchid and my sisters said that they were beautiful. 🙂

  4. It looks like both you and your father have green thumbs.

    The mint looks so fresh and yummy. It is time for “larb.”

    • Kim, my dad and sister don’t like the mint that much, maybe that’s why they have plenty. My dad does have the green thumb, he started his garden after mine, and his vegetables look a lot more mature.

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