2010 Charlotte Dragon Boat Festival

This is our second year attending the Charlotte Dragon Boat festival, my dad and second sister also came along.  We got there in time for the dragon dance.  Back in the days, the dragon dance was performed originally by farmers to appease the dragon king so that he would send rain to their parched lands.  The pearl that the dragon chases represents the sun, which means wisdom. This signifies the dragon’s endless pursuit for wisdom (source). So not very often that you have the mighty dragon bow before you.

The statue of Gandhi stands high, greeting people as they enter the park, the very words of his wisdom “It is good to see ourselves as others see us. Try as we may, we are never able to know ourselves fully as we are, especially the evil side of us. This we can do only if we are not angry with our critics but will take in good heart whatever they might have to say.”

The fabric of our lives, from a young child to the wise elder. The message here is ‘to respect tradition.’

A beautiful young lady from Thailand, the land of smiles.

One of the best food venues’ chef was from Laos, Ai No has won a BBQ competition in the past and famous for his Butt sauce. This is a big accomplishment especially in the South.

I do love her lens.

He is more daring, must have captured some great images.

I wish that I had a better zoom lens.

It was a beautiful day and we had many turnout this year.  The festival took place at Lake Norman in Cornelius.

I love the bow.

Absolutely love the expressions.

She has a classic beauty of Ms. Thailand.

Our beauty pageant from Laos, Thaly Renee Manivongsay escorted by her parents.

The lovely ladies at Ms. Asian Festival Pageant 2010.

A message from Dr. John Chen, President, Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce:

The 11th Annual Asian Festival & 5th Annual Charlotte Dragon Boat Festival. We hold this event in the month of May for a very special reason.  May is National Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, recognized by a joint resolution signed by President Jimmy Carter in 1978 and then signed into law by President Bush in 1992.

The significance of May to Asian-Americans was noted by two historic events.  Japanese immigrants first arrived in the United States on May 7, 1843.  And second, the transcontinental railroad was completed on May 10, 1869, an  engineering marvel that laid the foundation of industrial power in our country for which many Chinese laborers gave their lives.


    • Jeffrey, the event is free, I was so busy taking pictures and video that I didn’t get to buy anything. 🙂

  1. Looks like a fun event. 🙂

    I love the colorful outfit the ladies are wearing. And the fabric look really pretty too.

    • Cambree, I love the vibrant colors of their outfits. My dad loves this event, and it’s nice to walk around the park and seeing the boat race by the water.

  2. Hi, Nye Ginger.

    I am afraid to ask but what is a “Butt” sauce and did you get the recipe?

    I participated in the dragon boat race here in Dallas over the weekend too. It was fun but after 3 race I was ready to go home.

    • Dallas Lao, do you need for me to go over there and show you the demonstration of the Butt sauce? 🙂

      Lol, just kidding! The Butt Sauce is a team sauce, he made his version of the barbecue sauce and his partner made a version of his barbecue sauce and they combine the two sauces together and that’s how they come up with the name Butt Sauce. They won first place last year. I tasted once, and it has a real kick to it.

      Did you get to take any picture of the boat race?

  3. looks like a load of fun! Our Boat Race event isnt until September so I still have some time for ours. I always miss it every year, something always come up, but I hope to make it this year! Everyone of the girls looked great!! Very beautiful outfits too!

    • mozemoua, I would love to have a better zoom lens for event like this. It was extremely hot at the beauty pageant area and surprise that the young ladies still look so pretty. As for this year, I hung out more by the water, it’s nice and cool. 🙂

    • Victor, people are extremely friendly at event such as this. My dad enjoys going places with us, but he especially like this one.

  4. Yeah…I told him to leave that ‘Butt’ sauce out of my BBQ when he brings some over. I prefer the plain ‘Hot Sauce’:))

    • PaNoy, I like the Butt sauce, it has a different flavor then the normal BBQ sauce that you buy in the store. We left the Boat Race early but I heard that he sold out, no doubt since the line was always long. I hope to see him there again next year, his chicken stick was good.

  5. I just wandered over here and found this wonderful post! You really made me feel as if I were there . . . except now I’m hungry for a chicken stick and it looks like they’re all gone.

    • Gerry, the greatest thing about photos and video is to be able to share with family and friends.

      I’ve always enjoy reading your blog and your stories that you share with us. 🙂

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