14 thoughts on “A Root Vegetable”

    1. lady0fdarkness, I thought it looks like yam and that thing is huge, it’s ready for planting. The shape made me think of Barnie the purple dinosaur.

  1. I kept looking at the hen that laid the blue egg so when I first glanced at this root, I thought it was a hen.

    I had a second look, and it is a yam in transition to be planted.

    1. Kim, everything will look like a chicken now. 🙂

      I had the hardest time editing that video, my dog went berserk every time he hear the chicken or people talking. I had to let him watch the video clips and he wanted to sniff it Lol.

  2. That is cute! I found a yam that resembled a seal once. Nature’s funny little surprises are neat.

    Btw how are the radishes? I may harvest some from my mom’s garden this weekend.

    1. Cambree, I remember your seal post. My radish plants are still very small, I pulled one out to look the other day, no root yet. I think I planted too late into the season.

  3. You have very good memory! Yams are some of my favorite snacks, whether steam or baked.

    And I did pick 1 radish to see if it was ready. Still very small, but it had such a kick (much like horse radish). It would be perfect to eat with sushi. 🙂

    1. Cambree, you do not know, near photographic at certain things. 🙂

      It has been raining so everything will look real nice in a week or so. I will wait for my radish plants to be bigger before checking them again. I’ve to remember to plant them in the fall also.

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