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How to cut a pineapple

I’m sure we all have a different way of cutting a pineapple, yesterday I was lucky enough to video and photograph PaNoy cutting one.  I also cut my pineapple this way, and it’s referred to cutting a pineapple like the local.

First lay the pineapple on its side and slice off both the crown and the stem.

Next stand the pineapple up on end and carefully shave off the skin from top to bottom, leaving as much flesh as possible.

Then cut the eye spots out diagonally.

This part vary from person to person.  PaNoy cleans the pineapple with a teaspoon of salt, and rinses it off with cold water.  I, on the other hand leave the salt on to flavor the pineapple.


Then cut

Thanks PaNoy for the demonstration.

16 thoughts on “How to cut a pineapple”

    1. Hi lady0fdarkness, thanks for the Mother’s Day wish, same to you. 🙂

      You’ve been a busy lady, and I would expect your mom to cut like the local, after all she used to live in the land where they grow the pineapple. I heard that it’s the best picking it fresh from the plant.

  1. Nye – I pretty much cut it the same way as him except the last part. I’ll split mine in 1/2, then from 1/2 pieces cut into 1/4 pieces, and then continue splitting it into 1/8 pieces. The last step would be cutting the inner core out.

    1. Jeffrey, in Laos/Thailand they like to compare this to a person, a wise person that has eyes all around her or him. 🙂

  2. After I rinse, I usually cut into two parts.

    Looking at the way Panoy cuts it into three parts, it wouild make it easier to cut the core so I am going to cut it that way.

    Thanks Panoy for the demonstration and thanks Nye for posting.

  3. YummY! I had some fresh pineable when I wa sat my moms over the weekend. My dad cut the pineapple for us although we didnt bother to wash it.. Yummy!

  4. I also carve my pineapple this way. I learn from watching mom. It’s really relaxing too. Btw, the fruit platter looks great. Good
    job with the tutorial PaNoy 😉

    1. Cambree, after he finished cutting, and I’m eying the plate, Bo sent me outside to take picture of the kids. 😦

  5. Thanks…very helpful. I am planning to make Pineapple Upside-down pancakes tomorrow morning for my new blog. Nice photos.

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