My Garden in May

It’s the first week of May and my garden is coming along. Lee helped watering the garden today.

I got a better shot of the Robin today, but still standing pretty far away.

I went closer and sat by the bridge in hoping that another bird would fly down to drink from the birdbath, but no luck.  This one perched on a tree branch nearby, then flew away.

The Honeysuckles climbing along the back fence, I didn’t plant these and they come back every year.

When we moved here, we also moved the Ginkgo Biloba tree from my dad’s house.  My parents didn’t want it in their yard because they knew that one day this tree will produce some stinky fruits.

With a little help from Max, this Peach tree is doing fairly well.


  1. Nye – thanks, for bringing us into your sustainable living garden – coriander, lemongrass, basil, mint – they are all so healthy. A truly Asian garden, which could have fooled me that it was filmed in a suburban Lao’s home. Keep up the wonderful work.

    • Victor, it’s plenty to use for a simple cooking here. I used to get them from my dad’s garden, but since I’m growing the vegetable myself now, it’s very convenience.

  2. Kids and water hose…my boys love it (well the oldest one for now). Whenever Christopher is out there in the backyard and he sees us watering the plants, he’ll drop what he’s doing and come to help, rather to play with the water.

    Lee will cherish this video as she looks back in the future.

    We also have honeysuckles in the small wooded area near the fence. I need to get it to go onto the fence. Love the smell and the sweet nectar. Is that marigold in the terracotta pot, and some sunflower as well?

    Very nice ending…an artistic touch of the sky and a narcissistic image of the reflection on the bird bath. Thanks for sharing:))

    • Hi PaNoy, Lee loves water and still has a lot to learn about caring for plants. Those plants in the terracotta pots are marigold that I planted from seeds, and also sunflowers that I’m not sure where I want to plant them yet, might be along the fence area. I think the video is growing on me, I like it a lot and great for those that don’t like to read. 🙂

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