Sunshine After the Rain

I almost ran over a turtle today.  Why did the turtle cross the road? I guess to get to the other side, but not a wise decision during rush hour. It rained on and off all day today, and by the time I got home the sun came out. I see things are beginning to look a lot brighter.

Max had a nice long strolls, he is waiting for his treat.



  1. No sun for us just yet. It rained all day today. I went to work when it was pouring so hard, we had to slow down, driving extra slow in the dark rain. I believe the sun is supposed to be up tomorrow.

    • mozemoua, the rain makes things look so gloomy, but it’s good for the garden, it has been so dry lately. I have to say that driving in the rain is a pain, but good thing that I didn’t have to get to work too early this morning.

  2. rain and sun would be nice right about now. all we have in the twin cities is just clouds, no rain.

    btw, what server do you use for your songs???

    • Hi mamel03, most of the songs that I posted here are hotlink from site. As for Thai songs, I use

      Must be very gloomy in your area, I hope the sun will come out soon soon. It’s Carolina blue sky again here today.

    • Thanks seeharhed, no amount of watering is compared to the rain water from mother nature. 🙂

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