Purple Sticky Rice Mango Coconut Wassail

I went to the Asian Market today and saw some ripe Mangoes, I couldn’t resist and thought of my favorite dessert, Purple Sticky Rice Mango Coconut.

Long name for a dessert and you’re probably wondering what is the Wassail.  This is the Wassail Spice Blend that I bought from Biltmore.  I like to drink it hot during the cold months, and thought it might taste good with the tradition Thai Purple Sticky Rice Mango Coconut dessert.  The ingredients for the Wassail Spice Blend are Sugar, Dextrose, Extractive of Cinnamon, Clove, Orange, Lemon, Annatto, nutmeg, and Caramel Color.

This is my first time trying the coconut cream powder.  I add this to warm water, mix well, heat in a pan, add brown sugar and Wassail Spice Blend.

Then add steamed purple sticky rice in the coconut milk.  I use 1/2 white sticky rice and 1/2 purple sticky rice, soak in warm water for 8 hours, then steam for 30 minutes.

Stir until the rice and coconut milk are mixed.

Slice the mango and it is ready.


  1. Now you’ve gone and done it…made me very hungry! I would love to have mangoes in Korea but they are soooo expensive!

    • Jeffrey, kind of surprised to hear that it’s expensive in Korea. A good thing that it’s not very expensive in Laos and you’ll be there soon enough. 🙂

  2. Oh by the way, how is the coconut powder? I had been tempting to get them, but I love the coconut milk so much I am a bit scared to try to powder. Is it just as good as the coconut milk?

    • mozemoua, it is not as good as the coconut milk, but the package is earth friendly, so that is a plus. I guess it’s like powder milk, not the same as the real thing.

      Sorry, I know it’s awful. The poor lighting didn’t do justice, I think I need to build a light-box so that the food photos will come out nicer next time. 😉

      • I had some of these mangoes the other day and they were sour too, I too was surprised, i was hoping for sweet mangoes!

        I’ll go buy a pack to try them and if I like them then I’ll just use the package, but It’ll be hard to like the powder since I love the milk so much.

        Your photos came out fine! but it’s very easy to make a lightbox or if you want to, you can always get cheap ones off of ebay.

        • mozemoua, I’ve been relying on natural lighting for my food photos, so cooking at night is not a great idea for me, and not to mention that I have to eat it also, Lol.

  3. Wassail spice blend sounds good – reminds me of Indian Chai (tea). And this looks yummy!

    These yellow slender mangoes are my mom’s favorite type of mango. She loves to eat them with plain sticky rice. Out in California, they call them “Champange Mango” and sometimes “Manila mango”.

    • Cambree, I was kind of surprised that these were a bit sour. My sisters usually bring boxes of ripe mangoes from NYC during July 4th week, and they’re extra sweet, I’m looking forward to that. I’ll make another Purple Sticky Rice Mango then.

      I had Sticky Rice Mango at the airport in Thailand and it was delicious, the mango was extra sweet, made my mouth water just thinking about it. 🙂

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