1. This is REALLY GOOD. I like the way you speed up the film at the beginning and the end, goes well with the music and all. Bo and Lee running was funny:))) Didn’t know they allowed tree climbing at Biltmore, maybe it’s time to take my kids. I remember going down a stream looking for crawl fish as a boy.

    I told Na I saw her online when I was visiting and helping with the garden beds. She helped me with shoveling a load of compost, said the chicken manure stinks and covered up her nose, then got me some drinks…very sweet girl.

    Keep up the nice work, and thanks for sharing. Some day I will see a film directed by Nye:))

    • PaNoy, I need as much practice as I can, there are several upcoming events that I want to be able to capture the moment. Bo, Lee and Na were playing hide and seek, stuff that Bo did to get the kids moving.

      Na loves to garden, I think more so than Lee and hope she will help grandma with the gardening. As for directing a film, something that I would never think of, just like writing, imagine I submit my resume and they see what I do for a living, probably file 13 before I get to meet them. 🙂

  2. Delightful video Nye!

    This looks like a great road trip. Ahseville, NC is so green and lush. And I thought Northern California was green. We don’t have nearly as much trees, mostly Pine, Oak, and even Eucalyptus trees along the highway.

    It’s also nice to see the girls having so much fun. Trips like this will be very memorable for them. 🙂

    • Cambree, I think NC highways are very pretty in the Spring and Fall. In some part of the State, we’ve wild flowers growing along sides of the highway, which makes it more interesting to go on the road trip. But what we’re lacking is a beach nearby, and you’ve plenty there and hope you’ll share some photos when you get to visit the coast. 🙂

    • Dallas, maybe you have a slow internet connection. My computer at work is super slow, and I can watch it but it stops every few seconds.

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