Planting Season

I finally have most of my vegetables planted, including the banana trees that you see here. They are calling for rain in the next couple of days, this will help the young plants.

It is sitting back and relax for Lee.

Her strawberry plants are doing very well.

They are so beautiful and look so healthy, not long before strawberry picking season.

And more blueberries.

I planted my grape tomato plants and Thai eggplants in the lettuce bed, by the time these plants get big, the lettuces will be long gone.  I have to say, there is nothing like fresh lettuce, and they’re doing so well during the cooler months.

I moved my cucumber A Frames to this end of the garden, and painted one with a water based non-toxic acrylic paint that I used for Rock Art. I love tomato and planted another one near the center, I can’t remember the exact name but this one is a medium size tomato.

On the other side of the two A Frames, the cucumber plants share the raised bed with the peppers.  I planted 2 kinds this year, one being chili peppers from my dad.

The hilly part of the land, I planted these pickle cucumber plants in pots.  I cut the bottom out and buried the container and add garden soil.  It seems that these plants are doing better than the one in planting and raised bed.  I’m doing the same thing for the string beans.

More cucumber plants, I planted the pickle and white cucumbers this year.  I made a simple trellis for this area, and hopefully Max won’t try to yank it out when the cucumber plants start climbing.

This bird bath gets dirty real fast, the birds seem to bath in it, drink then poop, no consideration for others at all.

On the other hand, this bird house has not been used at all.

The green flower pot is a gift from PaNoy, thank you, and this seems to be a perfect spot for it.  The Terra Cotta pots in the back are seedling pots.

My bamboo trees that I got from the temple last year, I moved them to bigger pots, and another one is the blurry gray container in the background. I was ecstatic to see 2 new shoots here.

It must be mushroom season also.

When I expanded my garden last Fall, I moved the Peach and Persimmon tree to Max’s yard.  The Peach tree is doing well, it looks like we’ll have several fruits this year, but the Persimmon tree doesn’t look too good, still leave-less.

Bo’s Japanese Maple in our front yard.

This is the first, more blooms to come.

And these should be in bloom in the next couple of days.


  1. Very nice update indeed. Your garden looks like it’s coming alive very well:)) Looks like one of the flower in the green pot may be foxglove, it’s the one with a slight hairy leaf. Hopefully I did not crowd too much in the pot:)) The shasta daisy will spread and you can take that out to add to your garden or re-pot to give away. Happy gardening:))

    • Hi PaNoy, thanks. I had an early start and the early spring vegetables really help make the garden to look fuller. It would be interesting to see what come out from this pot, and thanks for the flower and a nice pot. 🙂

  2. Nye – you really have green fingers. Your garden, vegetable and herb sections are so lush and healthy. And, so, so neat and tidy. Love it. 🙂

    • Victor, it makes more sense that you call it green fingers, and funny that we call it green thumb here. I have a very small area, so I have to keep everything neat. It’s nice to have herbs in my own backyard. 🙂

  3. Your garden is looking so lush. We call it green fingers too, but I feel like upgrade it to green hands after having seen how much you have done already. The temperature is about 10-13 C here, – I still have time to follow your good example… 🙂

    • giiid, I love spending time in my garden, it is a break from a long day at work. I have a gardener co-worker and we love to compare notes about our gardens. I suspect that she didn’t tend to her own garden because her fingers are always clean and white, and she said the secrete is dipping the tips in Clorox, this I’ve yet to try. I think everyone has a green thumb (fingers or hands), all it is is the TLC (tender loving care), and everything will grow. 🙂

      • I agree with the green hands!

        But I’m a bit scare of the dipping the tips in Clorox. That stuff smells awful! Now this is a good reminder to make a batch of “Gardener’s Handmade Soap”. 🙂

        Btw, are those mushroom edible? They look like Oyster mushroom to me – very pretty and tasty stuff.

        • Cambree, the mushrooms come up every year, I’m not sure if they’re eatable or not, I’m afraid to try. I don’t even like to wash my clothes with Clorox, but then again this friend of mine Clorox everything. 🙂

  4. Nye, you had made great use of your backyard! I wish I wasn’t so lazy! I told my mom I wanted to do a little garden out in the back yard and my mom and Hlee just laugh at me..

    • mozemoua, I’m sure you have a green thumb somewhere, your parents’ garden or shall I say farm is impressive.

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