My Dad’s Garden

Updated April 25, 2010. My dad started his garden about a week ago, and he didn’t finish planting everything yet, some are still sitting in his window sill.

I bought him some pickle and white cucumber plants from the local nursery.

He grew this from last year’s crop, the Thai/Lao eggplant and he gave some small plants to me also.

They look very fragile and thin, but hopefully the rains and sunshine will make them stronger in the next few weeks.

These are rows of small white Asian corn from last year’s crop.  I originally got the seed from my Hmong co-worker and my dad absolutely loved them. They are smaller than the normal corn, but sweet and sticky.

These are Lemon grass from last year, he kept them in pots in the garage during the cold winter months, and sometimes he had to turn on the heat for them to keep them warm.

The parsley seems to grow wild in his yard, kind of funny that they don’t come up real good when you try to plant them in their own bed, but they’re everywhere outside the bed.  I discover that ants are great pollinators, especially the little red ones that help to pollinate the strawberry.


Kaffir Lime

The Maple Tree that Bo planted over 10 years ago provides a nice shade near the garden.  This is the first year that it has this many seeds and my dad got a small plant from it and planted the small tree in his front yard.

I’m crossing my fingers and hope that the pomegranate fruit will stick this year.

We are very fortunate that there was no frost during the time that the fruit trees were blooming and they are fruitful this year.  This is the crabapple tree.

He has 2 pear trees in his backyard.

The flowers

Waterlily in his backyard

Max visited my dad’s garden.

He got a little excited seeing all the birds and the neighbor’s dog.


  1. Very nice video, and the music goes well with it, along with the gentle blowing-breeze. Your dad’s garden is looking great. His banana tree looks great. Can you ask him if I can get a banana tree from him? Thanks.

    • Hi PaNoy, thanks, I finally learn how to use the new editing software and can control the sound better. It’s awful to do a video during this time of the year since the neighbors were cutting their grass and it was kind of noisy, not the kind of noise you want in a video.

      My dad and sister have been working on it, but since they didn’t do anything since last fall, it was a lot of catching up to do. He gave me 4 banana trees and I’ll give some of mine to you. I’ll ask Bo to bring it down to him Mom the next time he visits.

  2. I see where you got your green fingers from. Hee hee. Amazing garden and crop. I think Laos are a natural born garderner/farmer. That is, from my short trip to Lao last year.

    Btw, Nye. How do you find so much passion and time to blog/post? Great photos and inspiration just looking at them.

    • Victor, I think there is a farmer and a fisherman in all of us, especially if you’re from Laos. I wish I can go back to Laos once more, and bring back lots of nice photos and videos.

      I’m not sure where I find the time, but passion I do have a lot of. I can’t wait till rice planting season, that should look real pretty in video, the dragon flies hovering over the rice paddy is very pretty. I like taking picture, so this is great, and just hope that people won’t get tired of it first. 🙂

      • What?? Rice field in your backyard? Really? I am impress. You should branch off your gardening/farming passion to something gourmet style home cooking school. Like this one in Tasmania, The Agrarian Kitchen, Both Rodney and Severine are doing extremely well, locally, nationally and internationally, and only a year old! All for the love and passion of growing their own produces, and back to basic in cooking.

        • Hi Victor, I wish it was in my own backyard. The rice paddy is near my work place and it belongs to my co-worker’s family. Here is a post that I did last year, or click at Rice Paddy tag. It is as pretty as the rice paddy back in Laos but on a smaller scale, and this year I’ll get to do a video with each post. I do wish we have bigger land, that way we can have our own hen house, and a little area for horses and pigs, that would really be the life. 🙂

          Thanks for the link, that is a very neat website, I can see all the love and passion coming together there.

    • All I can say is that Nye is one talented lady! And I also remember she can get by with very little sleep, unlike the rest of us. 😉 JK.

      Great job with the video. Your dad’s garden looks very peaceful and relaxing. Also nice to see Max is looking very handsome – he is a lucky dog.

      • Cambree, thanks, you are too kind. I think the sleepless night is catching up with me, I have more time to blog toward the end of the week and on weekend. Max will get to travel more with us this summer, he’ll even get to visit Biltmore. He is a very lucky dog. 🙂

  3. I cannot seem to find any water lilies anywhere! I’ve been wanting some water lilies!!! I love thai eggplants!!!

    • mozemoua, they sell them in Lowes in the plant section. They are in a box container that looks very similar to the grapes container, so if you looked in the water area, you won’t be able to find them.

      I love Thai eggplants also, and planted more this year.

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