I’m Chicken Out!

I can’t imagine Bo’s mom waiting for these Americana chicken peeps to lay blue eggs, and Bo had the same thought, so he went out and bought her 5 laying hens.

I’m not sure if all five were pure Americana breed because not all lay blue eggs.

It’s very light pale blue, so far his mom can identify which hen lays blue egg.

I asked Bo’s mom as to why the feathers fell off and embarrassed by her reply, but more so of my ignorance. They don’t have many feathers because they have not grown yet.  The feathers didn’t fall off and their body grow at a faster rate than their feathers.  It was kind of chilly on Sunday and they tried to keep warm.

This one is sunbathing.

Na lives here, not in the chicken coop of course.  This one is her pet.


  1. I had a pet chicken once. I came home from school one day and asked my mom what is for dinner she replied with “moke chicken”.

    • Hi Pathfinder, thanks for your visit and comment. My oldest sister has the same story, when she was little in Laos she had a pet chicken, and my dad came home one day with a whole bunch of friends and my mom fixed them a chicken appetizer to go with the Lao lao. I think she cried for days.

  2. Hi Nye,

    Are the 4 eggs from the two hens? They are pretty, both the hens and eggs.

    Na looks really happy with her little chick here. 🙂

    • Hi Cambree, out of the 5 hens, only 4 hens lay 1 egg each, and only 1 lay blue egg at that time which is the first one showing in the picture. That is the Americana hen. I think they were stressed having to move to a new owner, and they are doing better now. Bo said that his mom free range them now, and when it is time for them to come back to their coop, she would call them “girls, come back home” and they would walk back. I think it keeps everyone busy, Bo is visiting his mom (hens) more often also. 🙂

    • mozemoua, I’ve no idea. I think the blue peeps for Easter are dyed and not naturally blushing green like the blue eggs.

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