Nesting Robin

I thought that was a rather large baby Robin when I saw her 2 days ago, but it was the mother Robin nesting her eggs. Bo said that there are 4 eggs in there, I only saw 2, and 4 is a strange number because I had only seen 3 eggs in the past.

This was at 7:30 this morning, the mother a father kept a watchful eyes over us. I think this one is the father, he has a darker and deeper color chest.  The animal male specie is more beautiful than the female.

This one is the mommy Robin, she wasn’t happy when I went near her nest.  I won’t go near it again until the eggs hatch.

It was difficult to get a clear shot, they were too far away.


  1. I also like the blue eggs, it reminds me of turquoise jewels – very pretty.

    It’s nice to see spring is in the air out in NC. Lovely photos. 🙂

    • Cambree, the deep blue color is very pretty. I’ve not gone back to visit the nest yet, they might have hatched by now. There are many predators out there, and I’ve seen small birds flying and chasing big birds during this time. The little ones are trying to protect their nest, I see in their world that sizes doesn’t matter.

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