Make Room for New Crop

I feel kind of sad that I have to harvest these today.

In its place, I’m planting pickle and white cucumbers.

My blueberry, is that the berries that I’m seeing?

And here is my fishpond, several of my fish have gotten real big.  There are a few new baby fish this year.


  1. That is the blueberry you are seeing. Although I will say that the bird will get them before you can:)) I added a few more blueberry, and believe me you can never have enough of these delicious ‘brain food.’ I also planted two raspberry bushes yesterday.

    Very nice update. By the way, did you plant the grapes near the posts or halfway between them? I got this layout from ISON’s Grapes and Fruit catalog: it has a very nice layout for planting grapes. I’ll make a copy for you. I’m thinking of putting a few grapes in the ground as well. Take care.

    • Hi PaNoy, the post is about 8 feet apart and I planted 2 equal spaces apart. There are 3 posts (2 at ends, 1 in middle, a total of 2 openings) so I planted 4 grapes total, a bit too close together but I don’t have much space to work with. The blueberry doesn’t really need a trellis, I might move it in the fall and plant a grape there. I did plant two more blueberries, and yes, you could never have enough and they’re not that big.

  2. Harvest already?Wow!
    Your garden is so clean and those crop grow so well. Your garden look so beautiful in the second picture. And you have a fishpond too? You make me want to visit you.LOL 😀

    • pnlis, I dug the fish pond several years back, and put up the garden last year. It was a lot of work, and by planting time I ran out of steam, lol.

      This year I’m doing a little bit better and already planted the pickle and small white cucumbers. I’ll update the garden again in a few days.

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