Chicken Little Update

Bo went to visit his mom on Tuesday and came back with these photos and video. They look real cute, but I forgot how messy they could be.  These are the Americana chicken peeps that lay blue eggs.

The ones below are his mom, they are 2 weeks old.

They’re drinking water.  I’m not sure what is wrong with the white ones, they look like they’re shedding.

Photographs by Bo


    • pnlis, Bo got 5 Americana hens for his mom today, and they lay blue eggs. I’ll get to see it on Sunday, and will take pictures and do video also, I can’t wait to see their puffy cheeks. 🙂

  1. Aww! They’re like the adorablest thing ever; makes me want to have one. Can’t wait until they lay eggs so I can see the blue eggs. Thank you for the great update and Bo for the great update pictures and videos. Keep those update coming 😉 ^_^

    • Lala, Bo got 5 more hens for him mom last Friday. I’ll post the pictures later, and the little chick video was from the first trip I think, I must have got mixed up on the date, but I have more photos from last Sunday, the little chicken peeps have grown some.

  2. You would never appreciate these chickens until a Black Widow craws under your bedsheets. Two of our family members got bitten a week before. The solution was to have a free range chicken in our yard. Some mysterious person gave us a Dominique chick. It grew up to be the most reliable chicken in the world. There are hardly any spiders. She ate them all.

    One other thing. If you let all the chicken lay eggs anywhere in your over-grown yard, you have a real Easter egg hunt. Since they eat everything around the yard, the eggs taste good.

    • Zeddicus, the chickens are a good pet to have, we visited the petting zoo at Biltmore and they have many cute chickens, I’ll share some photos later. If I live out in the country, I would have a chicken coop also, but I think Bo’s mom is letting them lay their eggs in a nest. It would be fun for the kids to look for eggs in the yard, but I’m not so sure about adult. I didn’t know that chicken eats insect, sounds like you don’t need Terminix pest control service, good deal.

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