1. Wow girl, your photograph skill just amaze me 😀
    My parents have a lot of robins at their back yard. When the season comes you will always see them flying around. But we never bother to go look at it. My parents said dont go look at it because if they see us they will not coming back anymore and they will not have a place to live.LOL 😀

    • pnlis, I think they’re used to us by now. That spot is very noisy, it’s right next to the air conditioner box and garage, but it doesn’t seem to bother them at all. The bush is a bit higher this year, so hope the neighbor’s cat won’t get to it.

      It’s a bit more challenge with this one since I didn’t want to bother the baby, the mother wasn’t too happy and the opening was very small. The image was very blurry when I tried to focus, and I had to switch my camera to a manual mode. I see now why people like it, you’ve more control.

  2. […] egg I thought that was a rather large baby Robin when I saw her 2 days ago, but it was the mother Robin nesting her eggs. Bo said that there are 4 eggs in there, I only saw 2, and 4 is a strange number […]

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