1. I remember when you were just beginning to learn to use your camera and now look at the exquisite photos! Luv, A

    • Audrey, thanks. It seems like yesterday when I had to read the manual and didn’t know how to hold the camera, now I absolutely love my camera. 😀

  2. Beautiful, beautiful captures; so breathe-taking.
    I agree, that little girl look almost like a little fairy.
    *Thumbs up* ^_^

  3. These are great shots!

    That looks like pear tree espelier. We have some at a local garden in Palo Alto, Ca. I was surprise to see how much apples and pears were on it.

    • Cambree, thanks. I think it is an espalier pear tree, and I recalled that last year it did bear many fruits also. I was thinking about planting some espalier fruit trees in my garden, but it looks so unnatural way of raising a tree. Maybe it’s better for me to plant smaller berry bushes, more manageable for my small spaces.

      • Espalier look better when it’s full of leaves and fruit. Otherwise it’s like skeleton trees in the winter.

        I think starting the small bushes are a good idea. 🙂

        • Cambree, the berry bushes are beneficial to the animals also. I have many area that I can plant them and they’re not very expensive either.

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