Chicken Little

Bo finally brought his mom 13 Americana chicken peeps for Easter, the one that lay blue eggs.

They have puffy cheeks. The one below is a tough little fellow, he can outrun the bigger chicken.

His mom already has some, she now has a total of 59 chicken peeps.

Some are only a few days old, they still need heating lamp at night.

Bo’s very proud of his design.  He started out with 2 helpers and it wasn’t very stable. He was kind of frustrated that it took longer than he thought.  Then my dad went to help, the original frame didn’t pass my dad’s inspection and he had to take most of it apart.   After several trips of going back and forth, they finally had it done.

This must be a Lao design, I’m not sure if the chicken can climb the ladder.

2 gallons water container


  1. Nye, This is a terrific looking coop. My maternal grampa always had chickens and when I moved to So. Calif. I was surprised to learn that there were white shelled eggs! Luv, A

    • Hi Audrey, Bo is giving something for his Mom and Dad to do. I was surprised to learn about the blue shelled eggs, this I have to see in person. 🙂

  2. This reminds me of how my mother and her brother would be given dyed little chicks every year for Easter when when she a a little girl.

    • Maggie, they look real cute, but they don’t stay like that long. I often wonder what happen to those little dyed chicks after Easter.

  3. Aww! They’re so adorable, I have always wanted to raise little chicks and see them come out of their shells but it won’t be possible until I have time.
    That’s what I call a impressing men work, they did a fabulous job on the chicken coop.
    Do keep us updated on it, 😀

    • Lala, I’ll keep you updated. We live in a subdivision and we’re not allowed to have livestock as pet. Thanks for the compliment, I’m sure Bo is grinning from ear to ear. 😀

  4. Nye:

    Tell Bo that is a nice design. I shows the picture to my husband and he likes it too.

    As the chicks get mature with feathers and all, they will be able to go up the stairs.

    At night, most of them would prefer the “second floor.”

    Fresh brown eggs from backyard are wonderful. I’ll need to visit you soon.

    • Kim, I’ll tell Bo. His design also has an opening in the back to open to get the eggs without disturbing the hen. Here is a photo of it. I would love to raise chicken, it’d be nice to have fresh eggs every morning. His mom lives 1 hour away from us, but I’m sure she’ll save us some. 🙂

  5. I showed my mom the pictures this evening since the two moms have been chatting about it. Very nice, your dad knows what he’s doing and I’m sure Bo was glad he came to help. Tell Bo it’s a really nice coop, well designed…and I’m sure the fox (Fantastic Mr. Fox) will be watching very closely.

    A friend showed me a chicken coop online, not as nice and very expensive. He thought about raising some himself, and if the ‘big HOA’ complains, he’ll denied it “What chicken? Do you see any chicken?” and then eats them later…very funny guys. He said it’s a win-win situation:))) I work with such fine and strange fellas.

    Back to the coop…so there will be chicken roasting in ‘lemon grass sauce over flame’ in the near future:)) It’s hard to see that image when you raising it yourself; but food is food.

    • PaNoy, I like Bo’s design. The only different that I would do is used water treated wood, I saw that my dad placed that at the base for him. I think regular wood only last a few years, not the best building material for outdoor structure. Bo saw one chicken coop near his mom’s house, it was almost $700 and a lot smaller than the one that he did.

      I’m glad that it’s done and look forward to visiting the chicken in the summer, I just hope that they don’t run away from me. 🙂

  6. Cute chicks! The chicken house looks good. Is Bo’s mom planning on raising free range chickens for their eggs? My mom only has one pet chicken. She’s 5 years old and loves to follow people around. They are pretty social creatures. 🙂

    • Cambree, I think she raises them for eggs, except for few that she raises them for their meat. I believe it’s the white one in the 4th photo, she said that they are meant chicken, it would be hard for me to raise and eat them.

      • I know what you mean… I feel the same way too.

        But people have always been raising chicken for food. Not to mention goat, rabbit, and other “too cute” to name creatures.

  7. when they start laying blue eggs I want to see!! I’ve never heard of chickens and blue eggs before! LOL But the baby chicks are soo darn cute!

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