Easter Eggs Coloring

I don’t have much luck with video thus far.  This one came out great from the camera, but it was in MOV file, and many software are not supporting this, one being Windows Movie Maker. I had to convert the video clip to Windows  Media Video (wmv), and now it looks very sticky and robotic. I need to find other solution, and would take any suggestion that you may have. The Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition that support the MOV file, I downloaded the free trial and the video wouldn’t show up, only audio.


  1. Too cute! I want to join in too. 🙂

    I love it when Lee gives you the look and goes…”this is the golden egg.”

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Cambree, it’s funny that she acted like she was doing a TV show or something like that. Maybe when she gets older, I’ll let her do my food blog posting, she would be good with cooking demonstration. 🙂

    • lady0fdarkkness, real eggs are more fun for the kids, but kind of messy to clean up. The real fun part was hiding and having to find them, I hope we didn’t miss any. 🙂

  2. They are so cute! The video made me remember how fun it was to do creative painting like this with my son, – (and how fast paint was all over). I´ll ask him if he knows about the MOVfile problems.

    • giiid, I found AVS Video Editor that might work, I’ll try to make my next video with it, thanks.

      They had a great time and the fun part was to hide and find the eggs. I hope Lee will not be too old for it next year.

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