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Expanding My Garden Update

I finally had a chance to complete the new section of my garden. The weather was nice and cool, a great day to work in the garden.

Lee helped me with her rose garden, we also moved her strawberry plants as well.  She still has flowers to plant, we’ll try to tackle that in the next few weeks or so.

She has been a great help, can’t you tell?

My new project was to build a grape and blueberry trellis.  This is my first time, and it’s not as difficult as I thought. I buried the posts about 2 feet deep, and cemented the posts several days back.  It’s very sturdy and should be able to support the grape plants.

These work wonder, the wire is very strong, I had a hard time cutting it.

I’m not sure how this work, it is a tension device that helps tighten the wire.

My blueberry plant was given to me as a gift, thank you, as you can see that it’s beautiful.  I’m hoping that it’s like a grape plant where fruit doesn’t need a pollinator.

I bought 4 grape plants, the purple seedless kind, and I know it’s too many for my small area, just in case one die.

I bought a Basil seed pack while I was in Lowes, I planted these in my new raised bed.

My mint is doing well, they stayed dormant during the cold winter months.

I planted small roman lettuce plants, and some gourmet mesclun salad Asian baby leaf seedlings.

After these get harvested, then it would be time to plant the chili peppers, Thai eggplants, string beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

15 thoughts on “Expanding My Garden Update”

  1. beautiful Nye!!!! We have a blueberry tree out in our backyard, it’s always producing the berries, my aunt loves coming over when they fruit and pick them, one tree, but it produces a lot of berries. by the way, how big is your backyard, you sure are making great use of your backyard, I wish I can find the time to start something too! My parents are great with planting, but so far, I don’t have the time they have and my planting had always been a bad outcome. My sister calls me “plant killer” because they always end up dying under my control.

    1. Hi mozemoua, I have a very small land (.25 acre), and the house takes a good chunk of it. The backyard is long, and my garden takes half, and we left half for Max (my dog) to run around. I find that it’s better for me to plant in raised beds since my land is not leveled, this way the rain doesn’t wash away all the soil from the garden. I have to plant my string-beans in a semi pot this year, last year the rain washed most of the soil from the bean stalks.

  2. You already has a very active garden, I´ll look foreward to follow how everything grows. Glad you´ve reminded me of getting started!

    1. giiid, I was trying to do a year round garden, but the past winter hadn’t been much success. It’s still a lot of work ahead and I enjoy every minutes of it.

  3. Nye – what a beautiful and working garden you have created. Looks like you have a nice range of herbs and vege going there. Very impressive.

    1. Hi Victor, thanks. I’m sure it’s nothing comparing to your garden. 🙂

      My garden is on a low budget, so I had to add little by little. I still have to add a few more berry bushes.

  4. Hi Nye,

    I love Lee’s little corner of rose and strawberries. I bet the two of you make a great team. 🙂

    Your choice of grapes and blueberries is a great idea. Especially since blueberries and grapes are so expensive. Now you will really have an “antioxidant” garden.

    I also noticed the salad greens. They look really healthy. Thanks for the garden updates!

    1. Hi Cambree, it’s coming together nicely this year. I love roses but couldn’t stand the June bugs and hopefully the knockOut Roses will be easier to care for. I also put the beets out there also, but not sure if they would come up or not. I love this time of the year, we’ve plenty of birds around and it’s nice to sit in the garden. I might need a few cushions now. 🙂

  5. You are so lucky. I am so envious. I live in Alaska and our planting season won’t start for several more weeks. We still have snow on the ground. You are doing a great job and I love following your progress. Hope I could start mine soon.

    1. Kinnaly, thanks. I can’t picture myself living in Alaska and your gardening season must be very short. I know when it’s cold, things don’t grow very well, I was hoping to do all season garden but the fall/winter gardening didn’t turn out too well. And it is a good thing that we have many months of warm weather.

  6. Oh and that picture of the picked crab apples and hot sauce had me drooling…I even copy the image on my desktop! We have crap apples too but not until August.

    1. Thanks, I wasn’t sure how people would perceive the photo of pickled crab apples. This is a great way to preserve crab apples if you have many. I’m looking forward to doing more this year.

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