Danny Bunyavong Graced the Center Spead of Ploy Gam Petch Magazine

I finally got my copy of Ploy Gam Petch Thai Magazine.  In their February 2010 issue, Danny Bunyavong graced the center spread with Florence Vanida Faivre.

Behind the scene.

Images scanned from Ploy Gam Petch Magazine.


  1. Nye – Is this Thai magazine? Wow!! it is good that he is all over the globe. Maybe some Lao magazine will step up and pay him to be on their magazine.

    • seeharhed, it is a Thai magazine. The crew booked Danny last year, and they came to NYC to do the photo shoot. My sister ordered the magazine from CA for me, and I’m sure we’ll get to see more of him in the near future, I heard that he booked another online store. As for Lao Magazine, I think you have to have connection, but it would be neat to see him in one also.

  2. Danny looks like he’s having lots of fun at this photo shot. 🙂

    Is Florence Vanida Favor part Thai or Indian? She has a very universal and classic beauty that would appeal to many countries.

    Also like the behind the scene look too – lots of people and effort go into this production.

    • Cambree, I misspelled her last name, it should be Faivre. I think she is part French and part Thai, she grew up in the south of France. Early in her adolescence, her and her family moved to Bangkok, Thailand. I believed she is living in NYC now, and you can read more about her from the link above. I saw some of her Thai movies and she’s a pretty good actress.

      I think she looks nice, not paper thin like most Thai movie stars.

  3. Beautiful beautiful shoot! Soon, Danny will be embracing more Thai magazine then this. Last time I went to Target and saw his picture, I told my sister about him and how you know him. She totally envy you, Lol. Thank you for sharing this with us, haven’t pay much attention to magazine lately. ^__^

  4. Nice!! The third picture looks like a real bad photoshop image, but nonetheless, all the other pictures looks great!!!! And Danny is as hot as ever!

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