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Expanding My Garden

The flowers in my front yard start to bloom, many signs of spring in my area, and not to mention allergy.

Fall cabbage survive the winter snows.

This is too weird, I was just saying the other day how cute this cat look at The Cat Photo contest and then one that looks just like it appeared in my garden yesterday, and it’s still around today. Bo is thinking about naming it, to be honest I can’t tell if it’s a male or female cat. I just hope that s/he is not a semi-vegetarian like Max.

I’ve decided to expand my garden this year.  My herb garden was a bit crowded last year and this will give me more room to plant my lemongrass in a separate raised bed, and one extra small bed that I’m not sure what I want to plant in it yet.

My dad taught me well, even though the land is slope, but the installation of the bed has to be leveled. I leveled out the dirt before sliding in the raised bed.

We are moving Lee’s flower garden to a new area, this is behind her swing and she is thinking about planting some roses this year.

Bo helped me tilted Lee’s new flower bed, this saves me a lot of time by not having to do it manually. All I need to do now is to bring in some top soil.

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  1. Hi kiddo! Great work which I know will benefit all the beautiful gardens you have in the Summer. Hi to all and I will come to see everything in person during the Summer. Missing you, A.

    1. Hi Audrey, it’s good to hear from you. I hoping to get Lee more involved this year, she was a bit slacked last year. The Summer would be a good time, everything should be nice and green by then.

  2. Nye – I guess you’ll be busy for few weekends working on your garden. Spring time is probably my favorite time of the year. I can’t wait to see your finish garden.

    1. Hi seeharhed, there’s lots to do, I’ve to paint the deck this year also. As for the garden, I can work on the weekends and weekdays, it’s something that I enjoy doing.

      I’m thinking about putting up a grape trellis, not sure where to put that yet, but the best spot seems to be along the fence behind the new raised beds, I might be able to fit 2 rows there.

  3. Great gardening updates!

    You are becoming a pro with making the raised garden. Do you bring in soil from elsewhere to fill it?

    A grape trellis would be neat. I’ve also seen gardeners grow figs and pears along small spaces using trellis too. It’s suppose to be very time consuming and could take years to come together. But it does look elegant.

    The method is called “Espalier”. There are espalier apples, pears, figs and more which would work.

    1. Hi Cambree, thanks. I was able to get Lowes to cut these new raised beds for me, that’s the only way to bring it home. Then my dad lend me a cutoff saw to work on the grapes trellis, I didn’t get it done as I hope today, I got chased inside by the rain. I’ll tackle it again on a nicer day and hope to utilize all the empty spaces in my garden.

      Last year, I got my top soil from the local landscaping place, but this year I’m buying the garden soil from Lowes, I won’t be needing as much as last year.

      I saw growing fruit trees by Espalier method at Biltmore and have been thinking about it also. They have it against the wall, a great way to utilize small spaces.

  4. I forgot to mention… you have a garden cat now. That is very neat! But I do hope someone has spay/nueter the cat before more kittens show up. There’s just too many of them ending up in animal shelters – it is too sad.

    Besides that, I’m sure you got plenty of work-out with gardening. And it’s only the beginning of the growing season too.

    This reminds me to get some good soil for sowing some seeds soon. Lowe’s or Orchard Supply would be my next stop next weekend. Thanks for sharing the garden updates. 🙂

    1. Cambree, my being the owner of cat short lived, I think someone took him home, Bo told me it was a male cat. But I still have the neighbor’s cat that likes to sleep on my front porch wicker sofa.

      It’s a good workout in the garden, I love being out there. I decided not to get top soil this year because it smells awful, not sure what all they put in there. I want to utilize my small spaces better this year, and the only way is to go up as in trellis garden. Time to do the seedling also, I got the seed starter soil last week. 🙂

  5. the weather here is soo nice, but I am stuck inside wrapped up in blankets since I had been sick, wish I can enjoy the nice weather and play in the dirt as well. It’s time to bring my plumeria’s out in the sun since they had been sun deprived since the cold weather had started. I need to re-pot them so they can grow bigger since there wasn’t much growth last year. Good luck with your garden Nye!

    1. Thanks mozemoua, it’s good to be able to work outside again after all the cold weather that we had. I hope you get to feel better soon, must be a bad case of allergy since everything is coming out this time of the year. I might wait till the end of April before taking my tropical plants outside, we still have some cold nights here and there. I still have lots to do in the garden.

  6. This is a very nice upgrade on the garden. I too have been busy working on mind since the next four years will be very busy for me. I figure I can get it up really nice this year and sit back to enjoy the hard work. I’ve added more fruit trees. I experimented with planting a cherry, apricot and pear in the circle wall, hoping that they will intertwine and I can go to one spot for all three fruits…lots of pruning are needed to keep them healthy and all. I also redid my asparagus bed yesterday, with lots of compost and peat moss. Some interesting fruit trees I added are honey berry and goji berry; I also added an olive tree. The left side of my yard is a small orchard now, but still room to kick a soccer ball around. It is addictive out there. Take care and enjoy…gardening or allergy? I’ll take gardening with a few claritin/zyrtec rather than staying inside:))

    1. Hi PaNoy, I don’t have allergy 🙂 not like Bo and Lee.

      I plan to plant more herbs this year, still not sure about the asparagus. My yard is too small to plant any more fruit tree, I might try the espalier technique since I still have a spot or two. I hope to update the garden again tomorrow, so lots of work tomorrow and we’re expecting a nice weather.

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