A Farm in Taylorsville

Bo told me about a hen that his co-worker has that lay blue eggs, I thought he was joking, but then again I thought the blue robin eggs (photo below) were not real until I saw them for myself.

So I was looking forward to visit this farm that he was talking about.Ā  I had to work on Saturday, Bo and Lee took off to the farm without me, and Bo came back with several photos on his iPhone, but no blue eggs. And a photo of hens, but these aren’t even the Araucana that lay the blue eggs *sigh*.

Updated photo on 3/5/2010, they call it blue egg, but I think it looks more greenish blue.

Photo source.

They have some pretty peacocks.

The next time I need to tag along, I’ve never seen a blue hen egg before, just blue Robin egg.


  1. Ge those chickens look like they are ready for a good stock for making “Kao peik”. the question is who is going to have the nerve to chop off its head.

    • salalao, I can’t bring myself to chop off its head, so I guess no chicken for me. šŸ™‚

      Bo is getting some for his mom to raise, she lives in the country, and there’s no restriction.

  2. mozemoua and shadow, I updated the photo for you to see the blue egg that they’re talking about, but I think it looks more greenish blue. There are special types of hen that would lay blue eggs.

  3. I like how the chicken have some space to roam. The more I learn about “factory farming” the less taste I have for meat now.

    My mom has a pet chicken (someone abandon the poor chick) about 5 years ago. She used to lay fresh eggs for the first couple of years. Fresh eggs are the best!

    • Cambree, Bo’s mom lives in the country, so there’s plenty of space for them to roam freely. I’ve never seen real blue chicken eggs before, so this will be interesting to see.

  4. i think it might be blue when the eye just lad but of course after all of the wash and pretty cleaning i guess it turn green instead

    • Shadow, I think you might be right, I would like to see it for myself. I guess I never thought of the brown eggs because we see it all the time, but it amazed me how deep the brown color is.

      But bottom line, they all look the same in the inside, just different colors on the outside, very much like people. šŸ™‚

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