Made With Care

I consider myself very lucky to have so many talented sisters.  My younger sister at Bee’s Design made this leather handbag for me.  My GI Joe sister gave me the elephant patch that we found in her storage while we were cleaning up and I thought it would be neat to have it made into a handbag.  Bee knew what I like, and designs this leather handbag for me.  It’s perfect.

She also made the chair and pillow that you see here several years back, and I made the drapery, with her help and the sewing machine at her shop of course. The red and white checkerboard pattern is a bit loud, most of my draperies are earth tone, a lot more calm in the eye, this one is inspired by a Lao Pakamar pattern.


  1. Such a beautiful bag. And the interior design is also very nice. You are very lucky indeed!

    I once saw a similar handbag in Vogue (fashion magazine) with a similar style. But it was made with silk fabric and the elephants were decorated with glass beads. But this leather bag is much nicer and really one of a kind. It is perfect. 🙂

    • Cambree, my sister Bee is very good with her hands, kind of surprised because when we were in HS, we used to work together for my GI Joe sister and she got to do all the grunt work, I guess she learned a lot through the years. She recently did some laptop bags for her company, it looks real nice but too bad I don’t have a laptop.

    • lady0fdarkness, I’m not sure if she’d be able to find the elephant patch, but I’ll ask her if she would make more. People seem to like it, maybe this could be another items that she should sell at her online store. 🙂

  2. I like it too, it is realy a very nice handbag. I would also like to buy one, if it was available here…your sister is very clever to make these artistic designs.

    • giiid, I spoke to her today and she’ll try to find the elephant patch. I’m sure it’ll be a nice addition to her online store, I’ll post it here if she has any to sell.

    • eeren, I think her hobby is really taking off, now only if she makes shoes, then I wouldn’t have to buy anything. 🙂

  3. Such a beautiful unique artwork, I wish I can make such a thing like that. Though I’m interest into the Art field, I’m more of a sketcher than sewing or actually making it. Love the work, you’re one lucky sister.

    Lucky me to come upon this post, because I’m starting on a Occupation Report for a career class and was wondering if I can email you a couple questions about your sisters career and if you can pass on it to her. I would really appreciate it, because people never respond back to my emails base on their careers and I hope to get started with it soon. Thank you in advance Nye. ^_^

    • Hi Lala, I’ve 2 sisters that do this, Bee does it as a hobby and she has a full time job. My GI Joe sister has her own business and does it full time with her husband, I think it’s something that they enjoy doing.

      My email address is, email me and I’ll try my best to get together with my sister, and get the answer back to you.

  4. wow, your sisters are very talented! I attempted at sewing with a sewing machine, i guess with more tries and practices I’ll be decent.

    • mozemoua, we all learned to sew when we were little, and my sister Bee is very crafty. I think with sewing, it takes lots of practice.

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