More Photos of Danny Bunyavong at JCPenney

Updated February 13, 2010: More photos of  Danny Bunyavong advertising for JOE Joseph Abboud® extraordinary, everyday style at

Updated December 8, 2009: More photos of Danny Bunyavong advertising for JOE Joseph Abboud® Black Stripe Suit Separates at I think it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Posted November 11, 2009: Danny is booking more with JCPenney these days, here is another photo of him modeling for men leather jackets.


  1. Nye, Danny is definitely a stud!!! It is good to see his face all over the department stores. Nice leather jacket collections they are promoting there. Thanks for sharing

      • Cambree, a good thing that he didn’t call him a Stud Muffin, that’s what one of my co-workers called his brother, I couldn’t help but laugh every time I hear that.

        Thanks, I’m happy to see that Danny is getting commercial work on a regular basis.

  2. Nye, Danny is looking so terrific. Just to think of how far he has come in the business! Just yesterday he was in high school. Time flies. His mom and dad must be so proud. It was a bet that has really paid off and he definitely has the stuff to go so far. Luv, A PS keep in touch.

    • Hi Audrey, hope all is well with you and H. Danny’s parents are very proud of him, and so are we, can’t believe he is a young man now. I read in the paper about your daughter and her husband, I see that her business has grown and it’s great to hear that she is doing well in this tough time. It’s good to hear from you, I’ll tell everyone that you drop by. 🙂

    • Cambree, I’m happy to see that Danny takes the center stage for most of his photo shoots, not just someone on the sideline.

  3. Keep up the great job Danny!

    Oh, I love sweater vest. They remind me of my dad too. I think he would have like these ones, probably not in such fashionable colors. 😉

    • Julie, I think he looks older than his age also. Danny is in the recent Ploy Gam Petch Magazine issue, I’ll post that when I receive it from his mom.

    • Julie, she has to order the magazine from CA, so I hope to get it soon. They came to do the photo shoot in NYC this time.

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