1. Nye, Didn’t we have enuf of this stuff when we lived in the North?? What a winter-I’m ready for the South Pacific and warmth. CVCC Show Choir Valentines Dinner Theater performance was cancelled last eve and tonight’s also. Mike says they will try for Sun. at 5 p.m. Last eve all the food was ready and everything set-up. What a mess! Luv, A

    • Hi Audrey, not good timing for you at all, as for us, we don’t have any reservation until this evening, it’s a Chinese New Year dinner at my dad. I’m just glad that it snowed on Friday for us, and I don’t have to work Sat and Sunday. Lee and Max are enjoying themselves, as for me, I’m not complaining much about the snow, after all it’s snowing across America, certainly don’t want to be left out. 😉

  2. awesome video Nye! What program did you use to make your videos? for school I’ll use all the Mac programs, but for personal usage I use Window movie maker.. And good quality too!

    • mozemoua, I use Windows Movie Maker that came with my computer, and shoot with Nikon Coolpix s630. I think the Nikon is okay, but I’d like to get a Digital SLR Camera that does the video, the image would be a lot sharper and less gear to carry around. I’m still saving up for it. 🙂

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