1. Nicely done Nye. Maybe Max should help you in the Spring since he likes to dig them up. Bo was Bo as usual: ‘feeding his baby Max with snow on his tummy.’

    • PaNoy, Max doesn’t listen very well, not much of a helper in the garden. But he does like snow, especially eating it. 🙂

  2. […] video and told myself that I want to learn it this year. When I sat down to do a video of the Snow and Sleet, things began to make sense to me, you can say that it’s that Aha! moment for me, but I still […]

  3. Wow, that is nice white snow. I love how it covers the red holly berries and trees.

    Everyone looks like they are enjoying the moment, especially Lee and Max. 😀

    Thanks for sharing. You did a great job with the video. Now makes me want to do a snow trip soon.

    • Cambree, thanks. The bad thing about snow is the commute, it’s very treacherous to get from one place to another. I think it’s fun being kids when it snows, no school and play all day. 🙂

  4. Such a wonderful video. I loved watching it and remembering my friends. I cried remembering my Miss Muffin and how she loved digging and playing in the snow. How did you get to work on Monday?? It was tough going according to Howard but I was snug as a bug here just looking out at it. Love to Sharon-saw Tasha at her job last eve. while out for a bday. party dinner. Hugs to all, AEC

    • Hi Audrey, Miss Muffin was a very special dog, Teddy also loved playing in the snow, but they’re in a better place now, like the poem that you gave me. 🙂

      It was hard getting to work on Monday, the road was covered with snow and ice. But it was worse this morning, we had black ice in our area and people were going 15 miles per hour. I didn’t think it was slippery, but not being able to see the ice is more scary than seeing the road covers with ice. It’s good to hear from you, and I’ll tell everyone that you stop by. 🙂

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