My Sister’s Fish Pond in January

My second sister’s Fish Pond, it looks like her fish survive the cold front that we had. It’s funny that when you’re ready to do a video, everyone has something important to say, a good thing that I just learned how to mute an audio, no telling what you would hear and hope you enjoy the music.

Music: Distance by Karsh Kale


  1. Hi Nye,
    Your sister has lots of fish and they look healthy too. The last time I saw this much fish was at the Hakone Japanese garden.

    It would be relaxing to sit there and watch them swim. Do they stay in the bottom when it rains?

    • Cambree, they come up to play in the rain sometimes. They’d stay in the bottom when it’s cold. My dad enjoys feeding them and might have gave them too much food, and that’s why they grow so fast and I think they need a bigger pond. My sister is looking at the backyard area but has to get an approval from my dad first. 🙂

  2. I just love the music. Made me get up and dance. My koi are having their down time here in cold Virginia. Thanks for the uplifting tunes!
    Joni the Jacks ~

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