A Little Breathing Room for my Sister’s Fish

A couple of days after I took this picture, my second sister’s fish pond was covered with thick layers of ice.  She never turned her water pump off, and the constant movement of the water blowing to the top surface plus the cold front that we had quickly formed thick layers of ice.

My dad poured warm water on top and my sister broke the sheet of ice with this baseball bat, I think this caused a lot of disturbances to the fish.  After they were able to remove all the ice, my dad felt sorry for the fish and added warm water to the pond, not knowing that the change in the water temperature can cause the fish to go into shock, and sure enough one of her white and red Koi fish went belly up.

I visited my dad and sister yesterday and the ice that they removed were still there.

And the remaining fish seem to adjust to the new water well.


    • Hi eerenoon, the big one are expensive, could be as much as $2000 to $2500, and the one that died was about 18 Inches long, she bought it when it was little for $25. The baseball bat is great for protection, she bought it when she was living by herself in NYC.

  1. Hi Nye,
    I was thinking it was only a small layer of frozen water. But it’s a real big chunk of ice.

    And sorry to hear about the Koi fishes. Hope the weather gets warmer soon.

    • Cambree, the last few days we had a heat wave, it was in the 50s. This was the first time it did anything like this in our area since I’ve been here, but I think if my dad were to leave the water alone, then the fish would be fine since their bodies had adjusted to the cold water. I think he still wasn’t sure why it died, if it were because it was too cold or him adding the warm water, I just hope that he doesn’t do that again.

    • mozemoua, having a fish pond is a lot of work all year round, mine one doesn’t get as much care as my second sister’s fish pond, my dad enjoys feeding them.

    • seeharhed, not sure if it’s edible, my dad buried it in his garden. His vegetables should be real nice this summer.

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