Dangerous Fashion Statement

When I visited Tum Jung in Vang Vieng Laos, my dad refused to go up with me, I guess he saw one too many caves in his younger days. This one is not so bad, only 174 steps to the top in comparison to Mount Phousi, which has 328 zig zag steps.

But kind of hard to climb these steep steps with high heels! she had her personal photographer with her, made me think that she was one of  the Lao Hisos that I met in Vientiane.

And the way down, like way down!

Click to see a closeup photo of her and her photographer, cropped from the image above.


    • eerenoon, I salute her also, she ran up those steps so fast that I didn’t think I got a good picture of her, and inside the cave was very dark. I had my sneakers on when I climbed Mount Phousi, I was prepared. 🙂

  1. I wouldn’t be able to climb it with high heels. Even with sneakers it would be a challenge! Luckily she didn’t have any incident with those heels. I’ve seen too many twisted ankles while climbing stairs.

    But the steps are a good way to contemplate your life on the way up or down. Unless of course you are out of breath.

    • Cambree, scary thought, you hear about deadly incident of high heels in the past, I certain wouldn’t want to take that chance. She was a brave soul. 🙂

    • mozemoua, I imagine you to wear skinny pants and high heels in Laos, but I guess not climbing the steep steps like that. 😉

  2. LOL@Hiso… The last time I hiked up PhouSi, I was sweating so bad and my t-shirt was soaking wet. That’s one thing I’ve notices about the local, they can be wearing long sleeve shirt and doesn’t even break a sweat.

    On one of my trip visiting Laos.. I was invited to the dinner with my cousin and his buddies. It is hot and I’m a typical tourists… I was wearing a short, tank top and slipper.. My cousin had the nerve to ask me to change my outfit.. hahahahhaha I was like.. what?? So, I ending up wearing jean, polo shirt and slipper for the dinner.

    • seeharhed, I was in a similar situation. I knew that I would be attending a Lao wedding and brought a blouse and my mom Lao sinh, and another outfit for the evening with me, nothing fancy just a long black skirt and linen ivory top. When my cousin came to pick us up at the airport, they took me straight to shop for clothes, and the Lao outfit that they picked out for me, I didn’t know how to wear them, and kept telling them that it was too small for me, and it was. I insisted in wearing the outfits that I brought with me. I think they finally gave up, and at the wedding, I realized that I was dressing real down in comparison to my relatives. I hope that they were not too embarrassed with me, but I got them some great pictures of the wedding. They must have thought I’m a bannok Loso, Lol. 🙂

  3. LOL! I find it funny .. in Korea they do that also. What’s that Thai saying? Where even if you were poor you rather look beautiful. I admit I’ve done that a few times also here. 😡

    Some just want to look nice rather then dressing comfortably.

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