1. What is the purpose of the grill? To prevent debris? Interesting photo.

    It’s been chilly out in California too. But at least we had some sun today, so that was nice.

    • Hi Cambree, that’s to child proof since the fish pond is in front of the house and they’ve many little kids living in that neighborhood. You can see it better in this post.

    • lady0fdarkness, they said that this is going to be a harsh winter, the coldest in the last 25 years, definitely not looking forward to that. I shouldn’t be complaining, others have it far worse than us.

    • Dallas, they stay at the bottom during the cold months, they don’t come up to eat or hardly move. The pond is about 3 feet deep, my second sister just extended the height in the fall since her fish got a lot bigger, good timing for this cold weather.

    • seeharhed, the pump is constantly pumping, and the frozen ice on top came from the water pump. Normally she doesn’t have this much ice but this year is real cold.

  2. Love the beautiful capture of it, but feel bad for the fish.
    Oh, you guys are lucky to be still in the 20’s.
    Where I live is like below degree that it’s hard to automatic start the car while I wait until it heat up, now instead I have to go in the car and start it.
    Sucks alot, -_-

    • I guess I have it pretty good here, I’ve been complaining how cold it is when the temperature is in the 50’s. I wouldn’t be able to live in Midwest or East Coast.

    • Hi Lala, thanks. The fish adjust well to the freezing temperature, we feed them a special food in the fall and early winter to prepare their bodies for the cold months because they’ll stay at the bottom, and go without food until early spring.

      The cold temperature made it hard on everyone and commuting to work is treacherous, but ours is nothing compare to yours.

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