The Messenger of Death

Since ancient times, it is believed that birds are a spiritual symbol of the divine because of the birds connection to the sky, they have been thought of as a supernatural link between the heavens and the earth. If that were the case, then who send the messenger of death, the bird that Thai people called Nok Sack.

Barn Owl photographs by Steve Rendell

Photo source.

Nok Sack made me think that it’s a Barn Owl.  This bird is believed to be the messenger of death, if it were to land on anyone’s rooftop then someone that’s ill in that family will pass away in the next few days. Sad but true, this bird landed on my car’s rooftop 3 years ago.

My mom was ill of cancer at the time, and I went somewhere with my dad.  I parked my car in my parent’s driveway, and took my dad’s van instead.  That afternoon, my second sister came home from work and saw this strange creature sitting on top of my car’s rooftop. She looked at it, and it stared back at her.  She said that its face looked very much like a cat with big eyes, in my mind when she first told me this I kept thinking that it was an eagle.  It must have come to visit her fishpond, so not strange to me at all.

Several days later my mom passed away.  This bothered my second sister so bad that she asked the local monk, and he said that it was the messenger of death. As I was searching for the name of this bird, I learned that it’s not just the Thais or Lao that believe this, the Westerners also believe that the Owl is a symbol of death and darkness, but also wisdom, insight and virtue.  The hoot of an Owl denotes disappointments and forewarns that death or deceit creeps closely in the wake of joy and health (source).

Odd to see it in broad daylight, the one that my second sister saw must have been sent by the dark force in nature because as we all know that it hides in darkness and fears the light and here it showed itself in the middle of the day. I wish it never came, but I guess it was only doing its job as the messenger of death.


  1. This is new to me… very interesting.

    As for me, I was told that black moths are the messenger of death or some sort of illness. So every time I see a black moth, I cringe until it flies away.

    • lady0fdarkness, I’ve never heard of the black moth being bad luck either. As for Nok Sack, I wonder if it were just the Thai belief, there’s a Thai reporter and they called her Reporter Nok Sack because in the last 6 years that she interviewed people, 5 died and they were the ones that she interviewed.

  2. There are some things that we as human beings cannot prevent, but all we must do is move on to the future and accept what had been done and taken away from us. Sometimes its very sad, but we cannot help it but learn to accept things.

    I was watching a thai lakorn once, and they saw an owl on the rooftop and after that theres nothing but drama. LOL but ofcourse it was a thai lakorn, no drama, no lakorn..

    • mozemoua, thanks. The lakorn is based on the Thai belief, there is a saying that the world is the lakorn and each of us are characters, I’m not sure if our lives are comparable to the drama in the lakorn, you be the judge. 🙂

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