Paksong Coffee Grass Jelly

So I posted  a Paksan Song for a Paksong Coffee post, kind of confusing.  This song was given to me by Seeharhed when I did a post on the Two Colors River, I thought I share it with you. It’s a beautiful song about Paksan Laos.

I finally had a chance to use my Christmas gift, Mr. Coffee and I brewed some Lao Coffee this morning.  This coffee was given to me as a gift by my relative in Pakse and one of the most checked items that I brought back.  I thought I had to give it up at Kunming Airport in China, the security person couldn’t speak English and kept sniffing the coffee, finally he gave it back to me and smiled, “Kafe?” he said. I nodded my head and smiled back, I was glad to get it back.

My relative bought it from Ba Jeang Resort in Pakse where it’s known for its beautiful Tad Pha Suam Waterfall.  The owner of the resort is Thai and his wife is Lao from Vientiane, so not surprised to see both Lao and Thai writing on the Lao Coffee bag.

Lao grounded coffee is a lot finer than the ones sold at the local supermarket, and tastes bitter also, some of my sisters don’t like it because of its bitter taste.

Since I like my version of Starbucks Coffee Jelly so much, I thought I give it a try with Paksong Lao Coffee.  I brewed Lao Coffee, added brown sugar and let it sits to cool.  Then I topped it off with coconut milk.

Another version is to add Chaokoh Cononut gel in syrup if you like it sweet.


    • mozemoua, it might be a little hiccup or something, hope all is posted. This is very simple to make, almost too embarrassing to post. 🙂

  1. Saw your previous post of this Jelly Coffee and gosh it looks so good.
    Will sure have to try it out when I have time too.
    Love the pictures, 😀

    • Lala, thanks, it’s very simple to make. As for the pictures, it must be my lens, absolutely love it, the best investment I made. 🙂

    • seeharhed, he put the Thai writing on the package because there are many Thai tourists that stay at his resort, and I didn’t realize that there was no English writing anywhere until I made the post. It’s coffee locally grown.

  2. Nye, I know this is the wrong post to ask, but then I was just wondering, what plugin did you use so you can edit your commets? I have a comment or two from my old blog that had been recently posted and I wanted to transfere just those new comments to the new blog, but is unable to do so. If you can help, please let me know what plugin and etc. I am sorry to have to ask you such question! Even better, how did you link the two blog together? I feel so new at this, felt like I’ve never blogged before. LOL

    • mozemoua, I don’t know because I still have the free wordpress version, but I’ll ask a friend for you and will email you what I found out.

  3. Nye, I tried your other suggestion with the grass jelly and it was yummy. This coffee one looks great as well. Now you having me crave sweet stuff!

    • Laotian Teacher, I like this one better and I kept the left over in the fridge. It was still good after a couple of hours being in there, although the coconut jelly turned dark, but it was good.

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