Silent Night Christmas Decoration

I have a friend who says his prayers to Buddha in Lao Language, and his prayers to God in English, this made me think that the language commands his way of thinking.  As for many of us that were born in Laos or Thailand, we were raised as Buddhist, and introduced to Christianity while growing up, some of us kept our Buddhist faith, and many have converted to Christianity.  So it shouldn’t be a surprise if many Buddhists also celebrate Christmas, you can say I celebrate all the holidays, especially on this holy day.

This church is especially pretty at night, I took these pictures on my way home from work. I hope I have captured the image as I saw it.


  1. Nye – Merry Christmas to you and your family. I guess the snow still haven’t melt yet. You must get off work late, it looks very dark out.

    • Hi seeharhed, thanks and same to you and your families. Yesterday was like Friday for us, so I didn’t get to leave till close to 6 pm, I have to work late these days.

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