My Mom’s Orchid

This orchid plant was given to my mom by my GI Joe sister when she was ill three years ago, today it sits at my dad’s living room.  I took this picture in April of this year, and the last few flowers fell off at the beginning of July, that’s over 3 months of blooming.

My mom passed away in January 2007, it has been almost 3 years now.  It was kind of odd how the last few flowers fell off, we went to visit her monument in July and was gone for a couple of days, there were still about 5 flowers left on the branch and normally it would fall off one by one.  This time was different, the flowers looked very healthy when we left, and when we got back, all 5 flowers fell off, it almost made me think that she wanted us to know that she acknowledged that we visited her monument that housed her urn.

My dad loves orchid and he raised many beautiful ones when we were living in Laos. I’m looking forward to seeing next year’s blooms.


  1. Nye,
    it is absolutely gorgeous!!! your dad had been taking care of the plant? WOW he has done a great job. There are so many blooms on one branch and the color are just so delicate pink and with so many shades of pinks and touch of orange and yellow just just just gorgeous thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • salalao, my dad has a green thumb and only waters it once a week. He’d take it to the kitchen sink, let the water run through it and leave it there for a couple of minutes till the excess water drain out real good, then take it back. The Orchid sits next to the window where it gets plenty of morning sunlight. I don’t think he talks to it though. 🙂

  2. I have a plant too, from my late mothers house, an old hibiscus. I have the same idea about this plant, as you decribe having with yours mom´s. When it grows well, I feel that my mother are sending me strength. If it doesn´t grow well, I get worried.
    It is so sad to loose ones mother, having great love for her and nowhere to send it to.

    Your flower is lovely.

    • Hi giiid, thanks for your comforting words, I’m glad that I’m not the only one that feel this way, and it is especially hard when her anniversary is near. It’s nice that we at least have something to remember our mom by, but it’ll never replaced them, nothing will, and they’ll always be in our heart.

  3. That is a beautiful flower and a lovely reminder of your mom. You must look forward to the blooms each year.

    I believe our souls live forever. In the end, we will all meet up again. And time is no longer relevant.

    • Cambree, thanks. It’s nice to be able to share it with everyone, especially my sisters that live in NYC. I’m giving lots of photos as gift this year and saw it when I developed some photos for my dad, it’ll be a nice addition to his album. 🙂

  4. Nye, I love orchid! However, I do not have a green thumb so if this plant was in my care, it will not look this gorgeous! There might be one petal left while the rest turns brown!

    • Hi Laotian Teacher, I’m on the same boat as you when it comes to orchid, mine little shoot from spring is still about the same, it has not grown an inch and maybe I need to change pot or something, or take it to my dad.

    • lady0fdarkness, it reminds me of back home, it’s funny that I saw bunches when I was little sticking to tree branches, but never saw the beauty of it until I got older.

      I don’t know if it’s this exact flower but the Thais called it GarFark, they would compare it to beautiful women, the pants are hosted onto bigger trees, just like beautiful women trying to get a rich husband, looking for solid foundation for future security. Sounds like Nang Rai in the Lakorn, they’re very pretty you know. 🙂

  5. Nye, Beautiful orchid like your beautiful mom. Thinking of you all this special holiday season, Luv, A

    • Audrey, thank you, it’s hard this time of the year, my sisters are coming up to do a merit ceremony for her 3 year anniversary.

      I hope you get all your shopping done, the weather is getting worse to get around. I went home for lunch, and the snow is coming down hard.

  6. My orchids never bloomed again since last year.. humm I am sad! but it’s not dead yet!

    I am sure your mom is very happy that you guys went to see her! I’ve yet to visit my aunt since she passed away last summer becuase of cancer as well.

    • mozemoua, my orchid is like yours, my sister told me to bring it to my dad and I might do that. My mom’s orchid is getting ready to have another bloom.

      • I want to see more blooms on mine, but then since last year no blooms at all. I dont know what to do to get new blooms, the orchids not dead, its just not blooming. If your dad can get it to bloom tell me how he does it! I want mine to bloom some more! I lvoe orchid and it’s purple my favorite color ahaha.

        • mozemoua, it needs lots of sunlight, he sits his next to the window and only water it once a week, and when it blooms, it lasts for several months.

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