My Version of Starbucks Coffee Jelly

I’m taking a challenge and try to replicate the Starbucks Coffee Jelly that I saw at Julie’s blog, I’m not sure if I’ve succeeded since her version is black jelly with iced latte. I did some research to find out what kind of black jelly they used, but no luck and this version is offered in South Korea where Julie currently lives. The only black jelly that I could think of and came up with is the Caravelle Grass Jelly made with grass jelly, corn starch and water. And it’s with Frappuccino Starbucks Coffee, please ignore my Coke glass here, it’s either this or a restaurant style tall glass.

I cut the Grass Jelly into small jelly-cubes, and add some crushed ice.

It’s not bad, the black jelly made the Starbucks Coffee more interesting, I think it’s more like a dessert.

18 thoughts on “My Version of Starbucks Coffee Jelly”

  1. I love the grass jelly drink. Anyone ever have the REAL grass jelly? I vaguely remember going around the forest collecting some sort of vine. We soak that in water and crush it with our hand. We removed the leaves and cover it up. I think that was how we made our grass jelly drink.

    1. Dallas, I’ve never done that before but it sounds interesting. This grass jelly is interesting also, and I was hoping to find the ingredient of what made it black, but it doesn’t tell me much. I knew about this jelly over 10 years ago when my mom put it in dessert and she called it Ma Noy (small dog), I thought it was such a strange name.

      1. Ma Noy is the name I remember. You never heard of grass jelly drink before arriving to the US? I thought it was very common with Lao-Thai.

        1. Dallas, I guess my mom didn’t take us out much when I was little, I’ve never heard of it until I came to North Carolina, and one lady made it into a dessert with syrup and coconut milk pour over it, I think she added other stuff like black beans in it as well, it was very good. It’s interesting how it’s made and I’ve heard that it’s a cooling agent, so real good for summer dessert.

  2. Nye – That’s an idea… I might have to give it a try one of these days. Those starbucks frappuccino mocha is very addicting. I usually stock those up when Costco have it on sale.

    1. seeharhed, it tasted real good, but I’m lactose intolerance and it doesn’t agree with me very well, I had to take lots of Tum, but still worth it though. 🙂

  3. Hi Nye,

    Grass jelly with coffee is one of my favorite summer time drinks. Even though it’s cold now, that drink looks very refreshing.

    I used to love Starbucks Frappacino, but it’s really to sweet for me now.

    1. Cambree, Grass jelly makes great dessert, I ate it a lot the year that I discovered it, but have forgotten about it until I saw it on Julie’s blog, I think it’s the same thing.

  4. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy p’nye! I’m glad you took the challenge! how did the texture feel.. was it weird at first to you? The coffee over powers the jelly .. It’s almost like bubble tea. They usually would put it in Frappes but I prefer it with iced latte.

    i’m happy you took the challenge. =)

    1. Julie, it’s quiet different, I had Grass Jelly as dessert before, but it’s especially good with coffee, I need to get some more for the weekend. It’s very addictive imo. 🙂

  5. Thank you for relating your coffee experience. After the Chinese coffee-drink poison scare last year, I stopped buying Mr. Brown and started making my own ice coffee, putting it in a thermos and taking it to work to enjoy. If you have any chilled-Asian-tea recipes, please share. Many thanks!

    1. Hi Seiji, you’re welcome. It’s better to make your own sometimes, and a lot cheaper also. The only thing that I do differently about the tea is to add sugar and cream, I had it when I was little in Chinatown, NY and loved it, but not very often that I fixed it this way. Sometimes I add mint to my ice tea, it’s a good summer drink.

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