Children Help Themselves

Before Lee was born I met a Lao couple that the husband worked the day shift and wife worked the night shift and they had a 2 year old at the time.  The little girl stayed home with her parents, and mom would sleep during the day time, while the little girl had to help herself.  The mother said that she would have plenty of ready to eat food in a small fridge and the toddler would help herself when she got hungry, talking about learning to help yourself at a young age.  I was amazed and still is to this day because at that age Lee couldn’t do much for herself, the only thing that she was good at was to be able to amuse herself for hours playing with her toys.

Most children are picky eaters, and Lee is no exception.  When she was little, I used to worry about her not eating, but many would tell me that she will eat when she is hungry, and sure enough she never starved herself, obvious by her photos here. I do have to say that I do too much for her, at her age my parents would send me and my younger sister to care for the water buffaloes, and my 4 year old sister staying home by herself with a dog, but that was back in Thailand and time has changed.

Lee takes the initiative of wanting to prepare her own meal, not very often though and something that we need to work on.  I noticed that she eats better when she is more involved in preparing her own food, one of her favorites is Spring Roll, I think eventually she will become a pro, she might be like me, and Spring Roll is the only thing that I’m good at, just passing down the family recipe here.


    • K, we usually made enough to freeze as well, frozen ones are good baked in the oven. My snow is falling down very slowly, but it’s there, it feels like Christmasy. 🙂

  1. I could use some home made spring rolls right now, I won’t get home until christmas. Gee that’s loosk good. I’m very proud of Lee is learning to cook at a very young age. She won’t be eating caferteria food like me every day(hospital). I’m not sure if this lack of cooking stem from childhood in refugee camp. When mom used to make me get up at the crack of dawn going to the market to pick up fresh food for her so she can prepared for the market at camp, cause ever since we immigrate to the U.S I hardly spend time in the kitchen, especially during college years. Now a day kitchen is definitely not place for me. Mom wouldn’t even let me in the kitchen. When I’m in Laos I have to hire a housekeeping/cook other than that I would eat out every day. I was always wonder if I’m the laotian woman that can’t cook.

    • salalao, we used to watch the food network when she was little so she is attracted to this kind of stuff. I often tell people that I can’t cook, but in reality I can fix a simple meal for us, but nothing fancy, and I like to prepare Thai and Lao food, Bo’s not too crazy about the Padek though. I think when you live by yourself it’s not as convenience to cook at home, especially in your case, a cafeteria full of foods. If you’re not married, then you need a man that knows how to cook. 😉

      • Nye
        He deosn’t cook we both work at odd hours. Shhhhhhuuuuuu….. I need to find someone who can cook laotian food.

        • salalao, I thought you were single all these times. 🙂 I find it very expensive to eat out and we don’t do it very often, only on special occasions like Birthday and stuff. I think you just need to find yourself a good Thai/Lao restaurant. 😉

  2. Hi Nye – Were you making the eggroll for office party? I was helping Mrs. Dallas too. I was frying the eggrolls. The eggroll stuck together and I broke the eggroll skins. It didn’t turn out as pretty as she like. I think I am ban from frying the eggroll now.

    You are right thing back in the old country is a little different. Maybe that made us more responsible and little more mature?
    Maybe you should buy her lots of hotpocket and microwave macaroni and cheese. I taught my son how to use microwave. Now he is an expert at making scramble egg with cheese. That is what he eat every morning now too. The kid usually make themselves sandwich and hotdog when they get home from school. But I still have to clean up after the mess they made.

    • Dallas, I’ve too much to do at work that I’m not in the holiday mood there, so no Spring Rolls for the office party. If you can’t fry a perfect Spring Rolls, then I guess I have to revoke your title of Domestic God(dess). 🙂

      As for Lee, she still likes the fish sauce in her scramble eggs, and Chinese fried chicken with rice. She helps with the cooking, but with a close supervision, maybe eventually she’ll cook for us someday.

  3. Hi Nye,
    Thanks for sharing this story and cute photos too.

    If Lee can make your spring rolls, then I should probably give it a try soon. It would be perfect holiday food.

    • Cambree, it’s not difficult at all, just time consuming. I think I can go into business just doing this, maybe someday. 🙂

  4. Dear Friend Nye, What! No delicious egg or spring rolls at the office! It wouldn’t be the same. Yet nothing is the same, is it. Sorry for all the work and hours you have. But the alternative is worse, believe me. Luv, A

    • Hi Audrey, they volunteered me, but I’m just not in the spirit of doing it, plus I’ve to do a lot of studying before year end, so I spend a lot of my nights doing that, and I don’t want to make promises that I can’t keep. I know that the alternative is a lot worse, so I keep telling myself that patient is virtue, I hope things will get better soon.

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