• seeharhed, I’m not sure if they do or not, but they kind of have an odd choice of music for 2 Farang guys. 🙂

  1. The quality of photos for Vimeo slideshow is much better then One True Media.

    Btw, have you heard that Coke made in Asia (Thailand, India) taste different then the Coke here? It’s because they use real sugar. 🙂 Americans should demand that too.

    • Cambree, I think it’s because we can’t upload the HD quality with the free version of One True Media to Youtube, might need to look for a better source to compile the pictures, then load to Vimeo.

      I didn’t realize that they changed the formula for the Coke made in Asia, I thought everything tasted good in Thailand and Laos because they are fresh, well not Coke anyway, still comes in a bottle. 🙂

  2. Cambree – Coke and Pepsi in SE Asia sure taste a lot different then the one in U.S. As for now, all the Coke are selling in Laos are imported from Thailand. But, Pepsi always had a factory in Laos.

    I know Costco carry Coke from Mexico, I heard the taste is much better then the one from U.S. They used sugar cane.

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