My First Snow

My Gmail Theme always tells me an accurate weather forecast, I could be inside and checking my email, and see the rain or sun showing on my screen.  And late last night, I saw snow, I thought to myself sure enough it couldn’t have been and checked the weather in our area and it said light snow.  I went outside to look, it was pitch-dark, but was flurries and didn’t think that it’d stick this morning. When I got up this morning, it was still there, but if I didn’t know that it snowed last night, I’d have thought it was a heavy morning dew that turned into frost.

The current weather in our area is now mostly sunny, highs in the upper 40s (40 degree Fahrenheit = 4.44 degree Celsius)


  1. The ice crystals on top the cabbage is just outstanding picture, you can actually see indiviual crystal forming on the leaves. You must be an early bird to take those pictures. Good job!

  2. The snow is a really nice surprise. The weather report isn’t too bad either for your part of the states.

    Btw, love the photo of snow on bamboo. Feels very Zen. That would make a nice Christmas card.

    • Hi Cambree, I plan to make my own Christmas card this year, and have decided on this picture I took in Laos, but then the Biltmore pictures are so tempting, the Jumpee flowers would be good for the new year card, and now this one, kind of hard to decide now. 🙂

      • Hi Nye,
        That is going to be a tough choice. Maybe have different cards for different folks.

        I like the jumpee flower too. Except with the Lao poinsettia, probably better without the tourists in the background. 😉

        • Cambree, only if I’ve the photoshopping skill, sadly I never took the time to learn, but I’m sure I’ll find the right one, I just have to go through the pictures again.

  3. Snow!! Our country is almost summer all the time… Even the cold wind from China which was brought down to Thailand every year makes me feel extremely cold… Cant imagine if I am in a country which has snow…^^

    • Hi eerenoon, I like the tropical climate of Thailand and Laos also, but North Carolina weather is not bad, mostly nice in comparison to up north. I lived in NYC for over 10 years and it’s cold and when it snows, there is no question about it. Here in North Carolina, it only snows once or twice a year, and this one doesn’t count really.

  4. Yesterday was very cold in Northern Cali. I think the low temperature might killed my banana trees. Currently, it is raining and cold temp, forecast for snow at lower elevations than normal.

    • seeharhed, I think it did mine also, I left them outside and good chance that they might comeback next year. I think it’d not be so bad to have a white Christmas.

    • Jeffrey, your pictures are absolutely beautiful, this is one thing I love about the Internet, it makes it so easy to share, thanks.

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