Last Year, Today

It has been one year ago today I was in Laos, actually my last day in Laos.  I didn’t take many pictures, and our flight was scheduled to leave that afternoon so we had time to kill. The streets of Vientiane were not that busy, but I’m sure Vientiane today, the streets are buzzing in comparison to last year, many are there for the upcoming SEA Games hosts by Laos.  This is a SEA Games Lao Pride opening theme.

Only a few days from now, the opening ceremony is December 9th, 2009 and the closing ceremony is December 18th, 2009.

And these are the few photos that I took one year ago today.

Look closely and you’ll see a reflection of me and my dad, it’s hard to take a picture of yourself sometimes.

I’m blogging this post in the US time, the date on my pictures were dated December 3rd and 4th, and my last day in Laos was December 4, 2008 2009.


  1. Wonderful pics!

    Just 18 more days and I will be in Laos.

    You’ve given me the idea to post some pics of my past travels in Laos.

    And, Best Wishes Laos and Vientiane for a successful and wonderful SEA Games!

    • Hi Jeffrey, I’m envious of you, do take lots of picture to share and looking forward to reading more from Laos.

      I also do wish Laos the best, this should also be good for tourism.

  2. Nye – You meant to say that your last day in Laos was Dec. 4, 2008? It is still the 3rd:), you’re so into the future. 🙂

    I see the reflection on the picture, your dad is looking at you and say… why are you taking all these pictures? lol He probably didn’t want to look like a tourist.

    • Hi seeharhed, good thing I didn’t put down 2010, it has been so hectic lately. 🙂 I was so confused about the date, and kept thinking which day did I leave Laos?, that’s what happen when we’re stuck in the past, but then again you’re 3 hours behind me. 🙂

      My dad didn’t mind me looking like a tourist and taking pictures of the shops and streets, but he didn’t like it when I take my camera out near the government buildings.

  3. I had heard about this SEA Game and had been wordering when it’ll take place, now I know. I remember you being in Laos, you took many great photos and when I saw them, it felt as if I had been there too!

    Oh yeah and I saw you and your dad’s reflection.

    • mozemoua, now you know what I look like, I hope you’ll recognize me next year. 😉

      I’m afraid hearing about the SEA Games for you was not exactly in the positive light, with the pressure to look perfect in the public’s eyes, they failed to weight the humanitarian situation I’m afraid, I hate how things have ended sometimes. 😦

  4. Nye,
    The video clip looks really excited for Laos did you notices that some of the scence are taken directly from the movie “Sabaidee LaungPrabang”.
    what is that white paddy that drying in the sun, is that rice flour paddy? for making loa lao.

    • Hi salalao, I think it’s exciting time for Lao, they’ve a high expectation of this and it’ll prove if they can handle hosting big events or not. The white thing look like drying some sort of white vegetable roots like pak Gard, here is a closeup image of it, I figured it’s what they put in Kao Piek (morning rice porridge),

  5. Well, I hope that I can go back through Vientiane again. But the air ticket is expensive. Wonderful photos. Just noticed that the Western Union is just opposite the souvenir shop that can see your reflction.

    • eerenoon, there are many Western Union in Laos, I guess it’s because many have relatives overseas and send them money on a regular basis. In the US, sending via Western Union to Laos is cheap and would get there in minutes, for $700, they would charge $17 for wire fee so it’s not bad.

      Vientiane is nice, we went back after the BKK takeover, and had to come back to the State from Laos.

  6. I remember hearing about the airport being closed in Thailand during that time. So many protesters – good thing you had your Dad as a travel partner.

    Love the colorful collection of silk fabrics. This is like a “candy” store for me.

    • Cambree, the silk fabrics are beautiful, my oldest sister also loves fabric.

      I think my family felt at ease knowing that I was with my dad and it was hectic trying to find our way back home. I’m glad that we made that trip, it was a closure for both of us.

  7. Last year, today I was in Bangkok on the way to Laos from USA., instead of flying to Vientiane then bus to Savannakhet I try a new way, take the bus from Bangkok to Mukdahan then Savannakhet for less expensive and a chance to see Krungthep, was a long day but here the highlight:
    -Thai food breakfast and two young coconut(mak phao faui)
    -Walk a few blocks see lots of pp and students wearing nice uniform, they are friendly and smile.
    -The hotel that I stay has lot of tree, flowers, orchid!
    -Hundeds of busses and thousand of travelers at Morchit bus station, cost 800badth for a vip bus.
    – It was full moon and clear sky and a smooth ride home!

    • san, that sounds so nice, it’s the life. 🙂

      We took the bus to Laos also, from Morchit bus station to Nongkai, then to Vientiane. I have to say that the Bus ride was more VIP than the plane ride for sure. 🙂

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