Christmas Tree

I often wonder what an angel looks like, if she is as pretty as we’ve imagined.  But if you’ve lost your loved ones, you know that the angel of death has no mercy, and the only certain thing in life is impermanent.  So these angels on my Christmas tree have no face, one carrying my mom’s Christmas Memorial Ornament, we all got one and there are 9 ornaments made in memory of her.

This year we talked about getting a live Christmas tree and Lee was looking forward to picking one out, but after reading about the toxic chemicals that are typically used to grow the Christmas tree made me think twice, the thought of getting pesticide residue in our lungs and on our skin made me cringed, unless we decide to go green and buy a tree from a local organic grower and I’m not sure if we’ve any in our area. So green was out of the picture, and we decided to recycle our old Christmas tree, this one was older than Lee.

Lee helped with the decoration and she proudly hung her Turtle Dove that she had made in Kindergarten.

Bo got this tree from a March of Dime auction over 10 years ago, one of the prettiest ’80s country Christmas tree I’ve ever seen, all the decorations came with it, and I believed some are eatable as well.


  1. Nye,
    I think to you can find a farm that grow organic tree without any pesticide.
    I love the smell of fresh cut pine tree. Althought is not really good for pets. My cat used to to drink the water from the tray. The trick’s to that is put some chili powder to mine. It is pretty tough to keep it clean if you put it up too early, since the pine needles just fall everywhere. If you can keep Max away from it. It will be very pretty looking tree !! 🙂

    • Salalao, we got the live tree with roots and all one year, and we planted it outside after Christmas but it didn’t do too well and Bo returned the dead tree by spring, he dug up and dragged the whole thing there, it was a sight. 🙂

      I drove around and didn’t see any mentioning of organic tree, I guess most people don’t think much about chemicals these days. Adding Sprite to the water is also good, and I’m sure your cat would love it. Have you tried to cover it with a thin or net cloth? This might prevent your cat from getting to the water.

  2. Nye – The real X-mas trees are so expensive these days. I’m thinking about heading up the hills one day and chop me some X-mas tree. hahahhaha I wonder what the fine would be. Since you live in NC, I’m sure you probably have easy access to some free pine trees??

    • Seeharhed, I’m not sure about free pine tree, might get fined more than what it cost to buy one. It’s a big business this time of the year, it’s hard to plant them also, I tried 3 times, and all died within a year or so and don’t have much luck at all. As for you, you might be able to find a Charlie Brown Christmas tree I’m sure, good luck. 😉

  3. Hi Nye,
    That is a pretty tree with all the trimmings! Love Lee’s Turtle Dove and the pine cone deer decorations.

    I think recycling your old tree is a great idea. As for the pine scent, maybe try using pine scented candles or potpourri instead. 😉

    • Cambree, using Mr. Clean pine scent to mop the floor works wonder this time of the year, it serves double duties. I’m glad that Bo and Lee also love our old tree, it’s a cost saving since we didn’t have to buy any extra decorations.

      Now since the tree is up, presents are expected and I have to keep reminding Bo that Santa can’t visit our house too early, I got home yesterday and Lee was all excited because Santa already left her 2 gifts under the tree, Lol, so she left milk and cookies for Santa tonight. That is just not right, I’m afraid the kids in her class might go on strike. 🙂

  4. Hi Nye!

    Really enjoyed this post a lot as well as the awesome photos. I will have to share my Christmas Tree Story “Out, out damn tree!” about growing up in a small town in Illinois back in the 1960s.

    I miss the fresh smell of a Douglas fir at Christmas. We used to have a real tree until 1968 or 1969.

    • Hi Jeffrey, real tree is still very popular in our area, and in some places you can go cut it yourself, kind of a nice outing for the family. As for me, I think it’s more of a cost saving than anything, I try to utilize the one I already have and not to be too wasteful.

  5. Nice camera work there. Can I stop by with the family to make some Christmas photos? Your pictures are amazing. I feel like reaching out and taking those cinnamon sticks from under your tree.

    Now there’s a post for Cambree to write about, cinnamon, nutmeg and various spices.

    • Hi PaNoy, thanks, I think I take photo just for fun, it’s a long way before I’m ready to take any photo session, maybe by next Christmas my photography skill will improve by then. It’s amazing what a good lens can do, and this one is definitely a keeper, you need to get yourself one. 🙂

    • Hi PaNoy,

      Cinnamon has been on my mind. I’ve been adding ground cinnamon to my cup of coffee and find it to be really good.

      Nutmeg and various spices sound like good post ideas too. Thanks. 🙂

  6. Hi Nye,
    I would love to borrow one of your Christmas tree decorations? How about the cinnamon sticks… it’s for my recent post.

    Thank you! 😉

    • Julie, thanks. It’s funny how the concept of lit Christmas tree inside was so foreign to me when I first came to America, and now it’s so normal, even when I’m a Buddhist, but I celebrate every holiday, so we’ll just call this a Holy Tree. 😉

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