Three Years and Many Thanks

Today is my three year anniversary of blogging, and I have many things to be thankful for…

This is just for the record,

We went to Bo’s parents for Thanksgiving, and contributions to the Thanksgiving meal, recipe from Dallas’s blog, Throwdown – Corn and Prawn Fritters with a special twist by PaNoy.

My Spring Rolls.

And Auy Ngem Sung Koo yud saiy.


  1. Nye
    Beautiful shots- Those spring rolls (fresh cabbage from your garden?) looks really good. The fritters also looks yummy, we made something similar to fried soft shell crabs with penut butter and coconut dipping sauce. The tapioca ball stuffed with meat is my brother favroites, mom didn’t make any this year. I had my share of spring rolls before dinner- three. My brother girlfriend had six, I think she skip the meal altogether. For me; mash potato, peas and gravy follow by som tum, turkey and sticky rice. Later on desert 🙂

    • Hi salalao, the cabbages from my garden are too small for the spring rolls, so hopefully by the New Year they’d be ready to harvest. Bo’s nephews really love the spring rolls, especially one that went away to college and he is back home for the holiday and Bo mentioned that he wanted some. I had Kao Poun but didn’t take a lot of pictures, it was a nice families get together.

    • Dallas, thanks. PaNoy added all kinds of stuff, he’d have to tell you the ingredients. They tasted good, and went real fast.

  2. Nye – Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family as well. I love this time of the year, where everybody comes together and enjoyed each other company along with great meals.

    • seeharhed, thanks. I saw that you updated Thanksgiving photos at your blog, real nice, and it’s best to spend time with families at this time of the year. Since my mom passed away, we don’t do it at my dad’s house anymore, and Bo’s parents has been inviting our families to her house, so my dad and sisters had a great time also.

      • Nye – I update it late last night. Sounds like you guys had lots of fun. So? Did you get up super early to hit the malls for bargains hunting??

        • seeharhed, it was fun but we didn’t get to go see the movie with them, I think they went to see Christmas Carol. I didn’t go shopping, I try to stay away from the Mall on black Friday.

  3. Those spring rolls look really good. Congratulations on the three year anniversary of your blog and those are some great photos to celebrate it with. That’s really exciting. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks Maggie, blogging is a way to keep tract of all the things that I do and places that I visit, and easy way to share with friends and families.

      You’re a bit far away from home for Thanksgiving, but I hope you’ve a good one. I was away last year and kept thinking about back home on Thanksgiving day.

  4. Those are some awesome stats for your blog and congrats for reaching this milestone.

    I look forward to being a regular reader of your blog and hope you will enjoy stopping by mine.

    As you know from visiting mine, I blog a lot about Laos too.

    Have a wonderful day!

    • Thanks Jeffrey, I like blogging about Laos, its people, and Lao culture, but sometimes I wonder if it sounded kind of weird to some, but I’m sure you’ll welcome all the odd traditions that are a part of who we are.

  5. Happy 3 Yrs – – ok, I’m getting all those food. Do you, by any chance has a hot ginger tea with honey please?

    This means, I am also a friend and a reader here for 3 yrs already. Enjoy and keep on blogging.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I love the 1 st photo of the autumn leaves. If that was a card, I would frame it. 🙂

    Everything looks so delicious. Someday I’ll have to try making Nye’s famous Spring Rolls.

    • Thanks Cambree, the first photo was of the Crape Myrtle in my backyard taken on Thanksgiving morning. As for the Spring Rolls, it’s probably the only thing that I’m good at. 🙂

  7. happy belated thanksgiving Nye. I just finish posting my thanksgiving pictures up. Sorry didn’t get a chance to wish you a happy thanksgiving earlier. I just got a chance to get online now. It was a busy weekend!

    • Hi lady0fdarkness, happy belated Thanksgiving to you also, this is a busy time of the year for everyone, but I knew you had a get together with families and lots of good foods. 🙂

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