1. Nye – Every time I see the Christmas lighting, it reminds me of Chevy Chase movie.

    I can’t get into the holiday spirit this year. I’ve told my nieces and nephew that Santa might not show up this year. hahhaha

    • seeharhed, maybe you need to go out and get a live tree, the pine smell might get you in the mood, we might go get ours this weekend. I’m trying to be better this year, and thinking about going out and take Christmas lights displays, there are several in our area that look real nice, maybe you can do that also, it’d be fun. 🙂

  2. Great pictures of chirstmas lights. I’m impressed you were able to take such good pictures of lights at night. Those pictures made me happy because as the hollidays approach I’m starting to miss the States and all the chirstmas ads.

    • Maggie, this time of the year sure makes you miss home, especially in your situation, I’m sure they’re thinking of you right now. 🙂

      The pictures were a hit and miss, I took almost 10 shots, and got 2 or 3 good one, it was not enough lighting and some came out real blurry, these 2 are a keeper though, thanks.

  3. Hi Nye,
    Christmas lights in November! I look forward to more Christmas lights in December.

    I like the 1st photo, very much like a fairy tale kind of place. It must look great to see in person as the photos itself are lovely. 😉

    • Thanks Cambree, it’s real nice seeing it in person. I like the Christmas lights displays, this is a bit early and I’m looking forward to seeing more in December as well.

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