Lucky Car Has to be in Your Lucky Color

I don’t think much about my lucky color when it comes to car buying, seriously if I’ve to rely on my lucky color, I would be in big trouble because I don’t know what it is. As for me, I think your lucky color should be your favorite color, what’s the point of having a Red car, Red being your lucky color when you hated Red.

My last car purchase was not so much about the color, in fact I didn’t have that choice, it was more of what it has, and what I need it for. A car to me is a transportation that gets me from point A to point B and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it has to be a fuel efficient vehicle that has a 4 wheel drives, and luckily there was only one at the dealership so I didn’t have to decide on the color, works for me, I’m still driving that car till this day.

As we all know that most people are not happy with what they have, not surprised to read in a Thai Magazine about car buying and to be prosperous it has to be in your lucky color.  So who determines this lucky color? The fortune teller of course. This might be comical for you to read, and not everyone is like this, but for many, they would go to a fortune teller for their problems, and according to the fortune teller, lucky color can bring good fortune and prosperity in everything that you do, so who wouldn’t want this?

I wish the picture of this car was in color, but then again it’s pointless if you can’t read Thai language, and it might be a good thing that it’s in black and white because this car is actually Black, but the sticker read, “This car is Green color”

A bit confused? I would be too, and for some that don’t understand the reasoning behind this, you would think what the heck, is the owner color blind? Not really, the owner is not color blind and is mentally sound, I think.  But the sticker is for good luck because the owner lucky color is Green, and Black car was jinxing his/her luck and to reverse this is to put the sticker on, problem solved.  Well then, why not buy a Green car to begin with? I guess s/he found out after s/he made the purchase that Green is the lucky color.

Interesting I thought, I can’t say that I believe about lucky color, but one thing that I do believe is that if you don’t believe, don’t mock, and a good thing that I still don’t know my lucky color, otherwise I might have the need to run out and get a sticker, then people would really wonder about me.


    • lady0fdarkness, my favorite color is blue, but I have a black car, it has been almost 6 years and still running, must be my lucky color then. 😉

  1. 555… My lucky colour is black and Noon is silver. So ended up buying a silver colour car. And there are many scars after I accidentally hit bumpers for few times. Maybe should stick that sticker saying that my car is a half black and half silver.

    • eerenoon, I heard that the sticker is very popular in Thailand, so might be a good idea to have one that read, “This is a Black car”, lucky for sure. Maybe you’ll hit a lottery. 🙂

  2. Nye – That is funny. It reminded me of a time when I saw an old Lao man (that I’d worked with) driving down the street on his Chevy sedan with a windshield decal/visor on the front window that read “Cadillac”.

    I got a favorite color but no lucky color. 😦 If I have to pick a color of a car, it is going to be a color that is easily spotted.

    • Dallas, some people are really into this. I think most people would visit a monk or fortune teller after they had a really bad luck and often times the fortune telling would point things out like the car color that you’re driving is bringing you bad luck or even your name is bringing you bad luck, and some even go to the extreme of changing their name. Changing car color can be expensive, it’s funny that someone would come up with this idea.

      Maybe you should find out your lucky color, I think it’s by your date of birth or something along that line.

  3. LOL… That’s going over, when they have to see the fortune teller about the car colors of choice. That’s too much!!! hahahahha

    I stay away from buying black, red, yellow, and blue cars. Black is so hard to keep it clean all the time. Most of the cars I bought tend to lean toward white, cream or silver.

    • seeharhed, I’ve a black car and it does get dirty fast, but good thing that I have a personal car washer. 🙂

      I think some people’s lives revolve around fortune teller, same concept as visiting a shrink. And as for me, I don’t even read my horoscope, it’s more like a horriblescope most of the time.

      • salalao, my GI Joe sister loves Red color, and she often wore Red evening dress to parties and weddings, but it was not her lucky color according to her, so she retired many of her Red dresses several years back. 😦

        I wonder if Red is your lucky color, nothing wrong with it and perhaps a bad example on my part. 😉

  4. Wow, I really never thought it like that. I usually get a color that I like but that’s after I find out the functionality of the car first.

    At first I thought this post was about how to not get a used car because some used cars are haunted. I think I’m watching too much horror movies now..

    • Hi Julie, the Thais believe that certain things that you’ve can bring good or bad luck and lucky color can bring prosperity in everything that you do, so owning a car in your lucky color is a must, but I think the twist in this story is that someone came up with the idea of a sticker to trick the lucky karma but they claim that it really works and many people are doing it this way.

      I think it works because of the positive thinking that the car owner has after putting the sticker on, it’s the law of attraction, positive thinking attracts positive things in life.

      • Nye Ginger – I like to stare (I mean observe) people. When I was in Laos, I notice not many Lao like to wear Buddha necklace. Maybe they do but just not displaying it.

        When I was touring various temples around Vientiane there happens to be 3-4 bus load of Thai tourists that day. I notice many were wearing Buddha necklace and it is not tuck inside their shirt. I notice the same with Lao here in America too.

        • DallasLao, I noticed that as well. I think the Thais have a stronger belief in religious icon of protection and many own the Jatukarm Ramathep talisman, some are for protection, but others are for wealth and prosperity, so the reasoning behind hanging a religious icon on one’s neck is not the same as the normal Buddha necklace anymore. It used to be that people would wear the Buddha necklace to protect them from ghost or evil spirits, but not true anymore, even the religious icon become commercialized these days. 😦

  5. lol, interesting. the stick said green but the car is black that, sounds just like mine, i got a green car but people keep on calling it black i dont know why. 😀 😀 so i always correct them, “no its a shy green look again”.

    my mom believe in lucky color too. she said when you buy a car buying one that have a real color not a pale color because those pale colors are bad luck. well, i didn’t have much of a choice when i bought mine. i need a car aspa so i have to go with whatever i can find and i can pay cuz my mom already said she wont pay a dollar into my car so everything is on my own.

    • shadow, that’s interesting, I didn’t realize that pale color are not considered real color and are considered bad luck, I learn something new, must be something that was told to her growing up. I think in your case, you need a sticker to tell them what color it is. 🙂

  6. This is a very funny story/editorial Nye.

    I think my favorite color changed at different stages of my life. I have moved from black, gray, turquoise, and now purple. But I would not want a car in those colors.

    I’ve had a black car and realized that it gets dirty very fast. And every scratch really shows…

    My brother’s Honda is silver and has tons of mileage, but runs very well. I think maybe the silver color may have some kind of “luck” revolving around it. 😉

    • Cambree, if Silver is a lucky color, then maybe I should get a sticker that read “This car is Silver color”. 🙂 and confuse the heck out of people when it’s a Black car. But I think your brother must be a good fixer and maintains his car well, it’s like he takes care of his car and it takes care of him.

      The Black is noticeable when it gets dirty, Bo took my car to work on his past Birthday and they spray painted the birthday wishes on my windows, he called to tell me what they did to my car, I couldn’t believe it. Even after he washed it, there are still white specs here and there. I guess it’s kind of bad luck on my part, his friends pulled a prank on him, but on my car.

  7. I get the “green color” sticker. I am funny like that, too. But I guess I “lucked out” with my lucky color. I am on my second silver gray car. The first (Ford) lasted well, well past when the car experts said it should. I am the second owner of the current one (Honda) – 6 years later and still going strong.

    In between these 2 cars, I had an orange (yes, orange) car. Now that car was bad luck! I got rid of it after only a couple of months.

    • Hi lorrwill, thanks for stopping by. I can’t imagine an orange car, but I guess there are a few out there. It sounds to me like Silver is a lucky color for many, a color to think about for my next car. 🙂

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