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Class Field Trip to Riverbanks Zoo

Last year, Lee’s class went to the North Carolina Zoo for their school field trip, Bo and I got to go with her.  But this year, I couldn’t take off from work and only Bo went and he had to chaperone 3 kids, and Lee being one of them. They went to Riverbanks Zoo in South Carolina this year, and I’ve heard about this zoo, Bo and Lee liked it so much that we plan to visit again next spring or summer. These photos were taken with Bo’s iPhone.

The flamingos, Lee said that they smelled really bad, you would not have thought since they are so pretty to look at.

Koi fish

These are African elephants, I couldn’t tell them apart from the Asian elephant before and even made a mistake of buying an elephant bench thinking that it’s the Asian elephant bench, but these carving were of the African elephants. You can tell by their sizes and shapes of their ear lobes, the African elephants are bigger and have bigger ear lobes than the Asian elephants.

They don’t have a big space to roam around like the North Carolina Zoo.

Bats hanging upside down.

A baby giraffe.

Bo told me about the organic cow, kind of funny to think that they are certified organic, their milk must be really good, but I don’t think this one is a certified organic cow.

I’m not surprised to see Christmas decorations here, many places put up Christmas decorations right  after Halloween.


Normally they’ve to wear the same color T-shirt, but this time they didn’t, and might be that it’s kind of cold and most would wear their jackets over it anyway.

6 thoughts on “Class Field Trip to Riverbanks Zoo”

    1. PaNoy, I was impressed with the quality of the images as well, it must be true with what they say, the best camera is the one that’s with you.

  1. Looks like a fun place for kids and families too. Lee’s class is lucky to get to visit such a place.

    The pics turn out really well. Nice and colorful. I like that cute puffy bunny and organic cow. 🙂

    1. Cambree, this Zoo is not as big and you get to see the animals closeup. Like most schools in the US, they had a budget cut this year and are allowed to have only 2 field trips, and I think this one is a good choice. It’s too bad that I couldn’t go with them but I’m glad that Bo took pictures to share. 🙂

  2. Dear Nye, H & I really enjoyed our trip to this zoo about 4 years ago. Spent a weekend in Columbia and also went to the Congaree National Park nearby. It’s a fascinating place I’m sure you would enjoy also. Google it to get all the details. Plan your trip in a cooler Spring month, as the hot weather will get to you quickly and make the visit less enjoyable. Another Christmas almost upon us and still missing old friends, old (and better) times, feelings that never disappear. Luv to all, AEC

    1. Hi Audrey, we’re shooting for the Spring time, I’m sure we all will enjoy, especially my dad.

      A lot of changes this year and Christmas is not the same as before, as much as I hate shopping for the Yankee swap gag gift for the office, I do miss it and we’ve decided not to do it this year, I have to say that the spirit is no longer there. I got your Christmas card, thank you and sending one to you today. I decided to make my own Christmas card this year and used one of my photos that I took of Lee, hope you’ll like it. Take care.

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