The Hidden Messages in Communication

All communication must involve both a sender and a receiver of messages, simply because you send a message to someone and s/he is not available to receive a message, then sending doesn’t exist. Of course we often think of communication in the form of written or verbal, but communication conveys through actions are also as important, and if not more so in the business world, this is Kinetic messages. A simple gesture such as a wink, a frown, a smile, a sigh, a nod, they all convey messages. So do grooming, attire, posture, temper, punctuality, and so forth.

I think many times we sent Kinetic messages without realizing it and it’s being sent and received continually. In fact, they are very important because they determine whether people can get along and work together harmoniously, and whether a business can maintain good relationships with its customers. Typically the message transmitted through action will have greater impact than the message transmitted through words, I guess that’s why they say “actions speak louder than words.” I would say that business people have to be just as concerned about what they do as much as what they say, many people that I know got fired from their job because of the Kinetic messages, the verbal just made things worse.

As for me, another types of communication that’s interesting is the Metacommunications. These are messages in between the lines, and at this point, I think it’s good to be a mind reader, sadly I’m not one but I do have good hunches. These messages are not literally expressed in words, but they accompany messages that are expressed in words. Kind of confusing in my opinion and of course they also vary in meaning, I can read the message, and think it’s one thing, and someone else could read the same message and interpret it differently. Also both Kinetic and Metacommunications are present in all messages, whether written or spoken, these messages convey ideas in addition to the ideas expressed in words. All actions, or even failure to act at all have meaning, something to think about.

17 thoughts on “The Hidden Messages in Communication”

    1. salalao, it’s funny how what goes around comes around. I pay a lot to people’s actions, sometimes their words don’t match and that should give you the heads up, and definitely watch what you say, I learned to be more patient these day.

  1. This post remind me of an episode of Start Trek: TNG where The Enterprise encounter a being that can read every thought. Capain Picard manage to give a signal to attack the alien my just looking at Commander Riker. They manage to capture the alien being.

    1. This is interesting…

      our unspoken signals say so much. And so does our body language.

      I sometimes wonder if we could all read minds would we get along better or just cause more hatred. 😉

      Sometimes I have the mistake of being too honest and saying things better kept to myself. And later regret it. But I am getting better at that now.

      1. Cambree, sometimes I’m being too honest also, but I think certain things need to be said and nothing wrong with that, I would regret more if I don’t get to say it. But I think more than I speak these days, and wouldn’t be good if people could read my mind. 🙂

    2. Dallas, such a long time ago when I saw this, I don’t know if I want to be able to read mind, sometimes seeing people’s action or reaction is bad enough, certainly don’t want to know what they’re thinking if you know what I mean.

    1. seeharhed, who’s geeky, the Star Trek fans? I know what you mean. 😉

      And don’t worry, I only get geeky with my post at this time of the year, must be the odd month or something. 🙂

  2. I like reading between the lines. LOL..

    I posted food pics .. food made by me, by the way. all foods you saw on my blog are all made by other people. I decided to show my dishes for a change.

    1. lady0fdarkness, I think writing tells a lot about a person, especially their choice of words, and plenty of room to read in the between the lines.

      Thanks, I’m heading to your blog right now to see your food pictures. 🙂

  3. lol, this remind me when i texted my sister about some laotion’s food that i wanna eat and i don think they have it in the US. but of course my sister mis-read it and took me into a thai restaurant of course they dont have it. you could only fine it in laos 😦

    1. shadow, sometimes I think they only heard or understood what they want to hear, regardless of what you said to them. I wonder if the dish that you’re talking about is Nham.

      1. no, it calls khaaw pat and the soup is kind of making like khaaw phuun but in laos’s style. the noodle or supposed to be noodle are like 2 or 3 inches rectangular shape. i know it is hard to picture it but one of these days if i have time i will cook them and show it to you. i have never cooked it before but it think i should be able to cook it.

        Nham, look sooooo good too. thanks for the information, now i got a recipe 🙂
        man, i miss laos 😦

        1. shadow, kind of hard for me to picture and hope that you’ll get to make it soon. Nham is real good, I hope I get to eat it at Thanksgiving, maybe someone will be kind enough to make it for the family get together. 🙂

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