The November Blues

This is an assignment from Scott Thomas Photography, Assignment 4: November.  You are welcome to participate, I think it would be interesting to see what November means to you.

The month of November made me think of Chrysanthemum flowers, this picture was taken at Biltmore Estate last Sunday.

But what November means to me is less time to play outside, especially in my garden, as the days are getting shorter, and nights longer.  I feel trapped inside, and keep thinking of the beautiful vibrant autumn leaves that are falling off the trees one by one, wondering if I would ever see the last falling leave.  As for my dog Max, I know he would, he has all the time in the world.

It’s obvious that he has got it made, he even has the time to stop and smell the fire hydrants.


  1. Hi Nye,
    Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. It’s a time of reflection and calm. Comfy sweaters and hot tea. 🙂

    We have yet to see the leaves change color as beautiful as your part of the woods. Which reminds me of a street here that is lined with Gingko trees. The leaves turn a beautiful yellow and golden color. I need to drive by and just admire it sometime.

    Btw, Max really has it made… he is so lucky! And the balls of Chrysanthemum flowers at Biltmore are very neat too.

    • Cambree, I want to know the Autumn that you’re talking about, my Autumn is the most hectic time of the year, whether it be work or family related function, sometimes I feel like there is not enough hours in a day. I seem to have more time in the summer, here I missed summer already.

      Max enjoys Autumn, he loves his long walk since it’s nice and cool now.

  2. Those are beautiful leaves – your place is so peaceful. I don’t mind longer nights than days, I am a nocturnal person anyways, haha.

    • K, I guess I shouldn’t be complaining since I only blog at night, should be more time for me to surf the Internet then.

      My backyard is peaceful, and it’ll be nice this weekend so I’ll have more time to play back there. 🙂

  3. I think your photo of Max shows very well how most of us are feeling. We are waiting to come out and play 🙂 He is very elegant, your dog, and the colors in the garden very pretty.

    • Thanks giiid, I’m kind of stressed out about the assignment but it has been fun participating in something that I enjoy doing, hopefully by next year I’ll learn to shoot RAW.

      I guess I shouldn’t be complaining since we have more daylight hours than your part of the world.

    • Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by. This is a tough assignment, I knew what I want to capture and was afraid that people might view it differently, but I’m glad that you all love the colors of the autumn leaves.

  4. I would love to sit and stare out of your window. I just love the color of Autumn. I don’t know it is the color or it just remind me of my parents home.

    • Dallas, must be the colors, the autumn leaves in the background made it look retro imo. That used to be my favorite rooms in the house, but it belongs to Max now, the sofa also.

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