The Sky Has Never Been Bluer at Biltmore

I love blue sky, but could never figured out how photographers get their skies to be this blue, and thanks to the tip from Scott Thomas Photography.  These were taken with a polarizing filter, and not photoshop.

Fish in the pond asking for food, I don’t think we’re allowed to feed them.

There are still some flowers in the garden, I will post that next, see what Biltmore Garden is like in November.

I missed the peak season of the Autumn leaves, I was looking forward to this year but with the busy schedule and unkind weather, it was impossible to get up here.

It was late in the evening, we hung around to wait until dusk.

Biltmore employees started to light the candles to make the paper bag luminaries.

My niece came with us this time, she loves the Christmas tree decorations inside the Biltmore House, and also the Christmas lights.

This was taken around 5:15 PM, it gets dark faster these days.

Lee was not too thrilled about the Christmas lights, she was ready to head back after she got her toys from the gift shop.  It had been a long day for them, we got there too early because most people started coming around 5 PM to see the Christmas lights, and here we got there around 12:30 PM.

And by 5:48 PM, the wait was well worth it.

We left there at 6:00 PM, by then it was completely dark.


    • Hi sartenada, thanks for your comment and visit. I was afraid that it might be too blue, but I’m glad that you like the photos.

  1. Nye, very nice… awesome photos!! I always love seeing the changing colors of landscape. Out here in California, we don’t get to see much of those colors. Due to the fact that we only have 2 seasons, the summer and winter. I haven’t pick up my camera for months, it is been sitting and collecting dust.

    • seeharhed, taking photos is a great way to capture memory, I think I’ve taken this blog through a personal journey sometimes, but it works and no one is complaining thus far. 🙂

      You’ve a nice camera, and you should use it on a regular basis, just remember that practice makes perfect. As for me, I think I got my money’s worth.

  2. By filter lens, I assume you mean you used a polarizer filter. Sure looks like it. Not only are your skies blue but no glare off the water. Nice work on those Christmas lights, too. You got a very nice balanced photo after the sunset.

    The Biltmore sure is a lovely place!

    • Hi Scott, I think I got confused and often thought that the term ‘polarizer’ is a brand name of a filter, but I guess it’s a general term use in this case, thanks I’ll make a correction on my post so not to confuse anyone else.

      Thanks for your nice comment about my photos, it meant a lot to me. 🙂

  3. Hi Nye,
    The sky really is blue!

    It must be neat to see this in person, especially when the lanterns and Christmas lights are lite up. Thanks for sharing.

    I also love the photo of Lee and her little cousin. The haircut brings back memories of my childhood… the classic cut Mom gave me. 🙂

    • Cambree, if only I could stay there a bit longer, but it had been a long day for the little ones.

      Lee is only 3 months older than her cousin Na, but she took a growth spurt this year and got a lot taller than Na. I can see that it’d be hard for Na to try to catch up.

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