If You Are a Newbie at Surfing Blog

Hi there, thanks for tuning in, if you are new here or not so new, but tune in everyday and only saw part of the post and just might not know it.

My GI Joe sister tunes in almost everyday but I can’t say that she saw every pictures that I posted, she often asked me, “where did you put it? I only saw a few pictures.” I tried to explain to her on the phone, but it didn’t help because she was not seeing what I’m seeing. I finally had a chance to sit down and show her, see the Read the rest of this entry >> below, you can click at that and read the rest of this post, I only do this when the post is very long.

As for my GI Joe sister, I do have to give her credit for being able to surf the Internet with ease now.  But she still doesn’t know much about the technical side, one of her American friends looked at her computer recently because it has been running very slow, and said to her, “Gosh, you’ve so much cookies in your computer, you need to get rid of your cookies to make your computer run faster.”


Photo borrow from Sim’s blog.

She was a bit alarmed to hear this, her replied, “Are you kidding me, I never bring cookies to eat at my computer before!” He just shook his head, and tried to explain, but I can’t say that she got the concept. Next time I need to send Lee over to teach her about how stuff works in the computer, I’m sure she can make all her cookies disappear.


  1. LOL… your G.I sister sounds like my eldest sister. Oh, LOL.. by the way, you really have to bring Lee and other cute children in your family to watch that movie that I took my daughter to see. It’s called, “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.” It’s about a scientist who tries to make an instant food machine, but there was a mishap instead. There was a scene where the scientist called up his dad who is old fashioned and doesn’t know how to use a computer. He told his dad to “drag the mouse across the desktop to find the file,” the dad literally dragged the mouse across the desk. LOL.. and then the scientist was like, “look for a window!” The dad was like what windows as he looked around for a window.


    • lady0fdarkness, I guess not knowing the computer lingual can be a problem. My second sister is thinking about getting a computer now, I guess she didn’t want to miss out in all the fun and excitement, Lol, lots of cookies here, I’m sure Lee would love to help out. But since she is only 15 minutes away, it’s not so bad. I saw the preview of the movie, and it sounds like fun, I need to see when we can go, thanks. 🙂

  2. I like this post and the comment from Ladydarkness. It is funny because I had spent 45 minutes to instruct my mom how to type in a web address of some Lao webpage into the internet browser. Something that would take us only few seconds. I know I can never be a tech support person.

    • Dallas, next time you need to set her up an email and just send her the links, all she has to do is to click at it. I think it’s amusing to teach a newbie, but can be very frustrating when they’re far away and you can’t point to the screen and show them, but email screen shot would help, I know it did me.

  3. I can be a bit of an ass if a newbie is asking for “help”. But the next thing you know, youre GI Joe sis will now start writing her own blog.

    • Hi K, I don’t think she’ll be able to blog anytime soon, but she might do like my uncle in France, he’d email me to update his blog for him, pretty soon I’ll be blogging in French. And as for my GI Joe sister, I might be blogging in the name of GI Joe soon. 🙂

  4. your GIjoe sister is too funny!! My aunt thinks she knows a lot about computer and etc, but she could hardly type, it’s just super funny!!

  5. lol, i figure it out on my second time here, too 😀 sometimes, the format are just different from what you are using to see…

    • shadow, she visited Lyn’s lakorn, dirtii laundry and darkness lakorn, and didn’t know about “Read the rest of this entry >>” button, and only saw part of the post all these times. But good thing that I showed her, lots more to see and read. 🙂

  6. LOL. That’s funny 🙂

    Reminds me of my dads’ computer problems (I recently brought a new PC for him). At least he’s slowly getting it, he’s even browsing YouTube now!

    Oh, and he treats the Google Search Bar as if it were the address bar for the browser.

    • Will, my GI Joe sister did the same thing, when she visits my blog, she’ll type nyenoona.com at the Google Search Bar, then click from the list, and I forgot to tell her that she didn’t have to do that, didn’t want to confuse her yet. 🙂

  7. That is so sweet! Don´t forget to write it all down, it will be fun for her to read later. I´m so facinated of her beautiful black hair, this color is very rare to see here.

    • giiid, Lee is a character, my GI Joe sister lives in New York and only visits us several times a year, and somehow Lee got really attached to her that she cried when she left. But she sure does act like a pro in front of the computer, a good thing that she still has my second sister to teach. 🙂

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