Thai Spicy Beef

My GI Joe came to visit us over the weekend and she made a Thai Spicy Beef or Nom Tok for us on Sunday.

Ingredients: sliced Onion, chopped Kaffir Lime leaves, chopped Galang, chopped Lemon Grass, Lime juice, Mint leaves, sliced Chili peppers, ground Chili peppers, sliced Scallion, chopped Parsley, grilled (broiled) Beef and broth, Shrimp paste, and Fish sauce.

It was rainy outside, and she couldn’t grill her steak, so she broiled it for about 15 minutes, then sliced into thin slices.

She reheated the broth from the grilling pan, and add Shrimp paste but not fish sauce, she said to add that last for flavor.

She mixed the sliced Beef, sliced Onion, chopped Kaffir Lime leaves, chopped Galang, chopped Lemon Grass, Lime juice, sliced Chili peppers, ground Chili peppers, and pour heated broth over it.

Then add Mint leaves, sliced Scallion, chopped Parsley last, and add Fish sauce last for taste.

I think this is very similar to our Lao dish Larb minus the Padek, or more of Thai(Lao) Issan dish.


    • Dallas, my GI Joe sister said that they normally don’t put the ground roasted rice on the Nam Tok, but she sneaked some in this time since we like it, but I didn’t put it in as part of the ingredients, I think it must be a Lao thing.

  1. Nye, can I put in my order now? It is lunch time right now and you’re not making it easy for me. I’ll trade my peanut butter jelly sandwich for thai spicy beef any day.

    • seeharhed, I was in a hurry to post this for my oldest sister to see at her lunch time also, she lives in NYC, that’s what happens for not living close to us. šŸ™‚

  2. Nye,
    Dallas has the same thought: we add grounds roasted rice on our and instead of Galanga root, we add lemon grass to our also minus the shredded yellow onoin. My mom family sometime put Bee (bile juice) not my taste too bitter !!
    That’s looks good it’s almost time for my dinner, no larp for me tonight.

    I didn’t see the sticky rice, I’m sure larp without sticky rice wouldn’t work YUMMY !!!!!!!!!!!

    • salalao, sounds like you’re making the Lao version of Tiger Cry or Suea Hong Hai, that would be yummy with lots of ingredients. My sister did put the grounds roasted rice in there, but she asked me not to take a picture of it because it’s not the normal ingredients. We didn’t have the sticky rice this time, but white jasmine rice instead, it’s still good though. šŸ™‚

      • Yes, but we call it Larb as well… Even in Bangkok and in the Southern Thailand, when we order food, we still call it larb… I dont know why but maybe huge influence from the Lao and iisan…;p

        • eerenoon, oh well, I’d have thought that you’d call it Nom Tok, but the roots of it is really Larb, so it’s good that it’s well known. šŸ™‚

    • lady0fdarkness, I always visit your blog for good food photos. šŸ™‚ One good thing about this dish is that you can fix it to your liking, I like it spicy.

    • Nafi’ Abdul Hakim, there is a Thai song that said to put parsley on any dish that you want it to look good, I guess look can be deceiving sometimes.

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